Sunday, May 28, 2006

Paradox of Power Sermon

Here's the text for the sermon I delivered today at First Mennonite in Urbana. Note that it was written to be read aloud. Comments and arguments are most welcome :)


Brownie said...

Wow! A very good sermon, and a very Tolkien-esque one. Did Frodo sail back from the Undying Lands to help you with that one?

I especially like your observations about the paradox inherent in good vs. bad use of power. If I were your father, I'd be very proud of you. But, then again, if I were your father, I wouldn't be me, I'd be him, and likely not as proud. See the paradox?

Dan S said...

I wanted to put some Tolkien in it, but it was getting too long. The need for fellowship to keep you honest in the quest for aquiring power for good is an important part of it.

Also, Pride is a sin, you know, so it is just as well that you are not my father.

Brownie said...

Is pride a sin?

"Thou shalt not be proud..."

Don't remember that one. I know it "comes before a fall." Was that God's quote? Hmmm.

I think maybe pride in thyself could be a sin (not sure if it applies if you are proud of someone else, like a child's willingness to do good). Where would we stick it? Under the coveting commandment? Or maybe it's a technical violation of "Love thy neighbor as thyself," in an obtuse way.

What about Yehweh? Do you think God is not proud of us, His children, from time to time, when we are able to please Him, by resisting evil or doing good works?
Because if he is proud of us occasionally, and pride is a sin, then he would be a sinner and no longer God.

Need's more research. Hmmmmm.....