Thursday, January 17, 2008

My New Office

I am happy to report that after many years of construction, and several million dollars in funding, my new office space is finally finished. It is centrally located to downtown, close enough to walk to, and quite nice:

Here is the entry way:
The stairs leading up to my work area:

There are lots of places to just sit and relax:

Also, I have quite a few books, since you never know when you'll want to pick something up to read:

And of course my computer area:

I even thoughtfully included a space where kids can come in and play Wii:

You may be wondering what all those people are doing wandering around in my office. At 122,000 sq. feet, my office is actually much bigger than I need. Since I’m embarrassed to have so much, I allow people to wander in and out. They can even borrow the books and movies for a few weeks to take home and enjoy. They all insist on calling my office a public library, whatever that is, but I don’t mind. I’m a very generous person.

Here's the spot I usually pick to work:

Above is a nice view from my work area of the old Solon house in Champaign. I always pictured the Solon house as the kind of place where if you threw rocks at it, an old lady would come out and yell at you, and then you would laugh at her for being so feeble and ineffective, and then that night, in your dark bedroom, ghouls would appear to feed on your soul.

Anyway, I am a little annoyed that they haven't finished my parking lot yet. I am told the problem is the presence of an old building next to my new office, and they have to knock it down before the parking lot can be paved. The old building was apparently a nesting place for a radical group of subversives, who called themselves Librarians. Good riddance, I say.

It may seem like a waste of resources to create a parking lot for hundreds of cars, when I have only one car, and even then I have to share it with my wife when she complains. But, I figured it would be good to have more parking close to downtown, and, as I've already said, I'm a very generous person.

I plan to be at the office a lot in the coming months. Stop by and say hello. I’ll suggest some books or movies you can borrow from my enormous collection. But please be quiet. I don’t want you to disturb my other guests. Many of them don’t realize it is my office, and my humility requires that I not trouble them about it.

It's a beautiful place to be.


Anonymous said...

Nifty . . .

And I love the Solon house. It owuld be gorgeous if someone fixed it up.


Anonymous said...


Where's the hot tub, sauna, Olymic-sized swimming pool, basketball court and executive bathroom?

I really love what you've done to the place. I will stop by to get the grand tour. Should I call your cellphone first or should I go through your subversive librarian (uh, I mean secretary).

I will let Obama know to stop by now that he is done with Iowa.


eciericdad said...

It's a great vacation spot...thanks for letting me visit your office! It's a great family atmosphere, great for the entire family! Oh, and I love those books and movies, thanks for lending those to me!

Tim said...

I've been to "your" new office. I didn't realize you shared office space with the crazy homeless guy who mumbles to himself and surfs for porn on the public computers.

It's a really nice space, very light and airy, like a museum. It even has that "new building smell!"

Dan S said...

jcs, jcs... Aside from my wife, the only other jcs I know lives in vermont. Is that you, jcs?

Tim, generosity cannot be limited to clean-smelling, non-porn-surfing people who speak coherently. At least not at my new office, legally.

Jenna said...

I didn't realize we were officemates! This explains why I keep running into your family members at my new work space.

I'll try to stay out of your way. Can David pay his overdue fines directly to you then?

Dan S said...

Yea, I do bring my kids into work every now and then, as I've noticed you do as well, Jen

It would probably be best for Dave to pay his existing fines, but since he knows how to be a fireman, I have a special exit for him that will relieve him of paying any future fines, assuming he is also a fast runner.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

I'm so jealous. Actually I'd be jealous of any library right now. sigh.