Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My Pal Gandhi

I usually don't take much stock in internet quizes, since they usually reveal some secret shame, like I'm an Eeyore and not a Pooh or a Tigger. Nonetheless, I will risk it in this case, and share my results from the Political Compass quiz:



Now, before you deride me as the pinko-liberal-commie-anarchist that I am, please note that I am actually in some pretty good company:

Any quiz that puts me in the same quadrant as Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and the Dalai Lama, and opposite quadrants from George Bush, is obviously a wise and truth-telling quiz.


KFingtree said...

Hey Dan; I took the quiz. I am -5.13 (left)Economic and -2.92 (down/left) Social Libertarian/Authoritarian. Looks like I land proudly on Nelson Mandela's dot, near the dot on Gandhi's forehead. I feel liberated now in a democratic way. That would make me a Liberal Democrat? Perhaps your next corny quiz blog will answer that question. By the way; I would say your more a piglet than an Eeyore.

Dan S said...

Piglet? Gee, thanks. I'll stick with the Dalai, thank you very much.

If you are on Mandela's dot, then I predict either prison or a presidency in your future.

Brownie said...


Brownie said...

Allow me to expand on my earlier comment.

"Excrement" came to my mind first, only as a quote of Robin Williams' in "The Dead Poet's Society," when after listening to a rather pedantic essay by the author of the class textbook, commenting on how one might "graph" a poem's greatness and importance to reveal its total worth, he responded thus.

"Excerement" was his initial and most resounding thought. As it was mine, though I did borrow it.

Yes! I heartily protest! Graphing people as though we (or they, or whoever) are machines or real numbers or functions of mathematics, or that we can or should be "tucked neatly into little boxes" lessens us, and reminds me of things I don't here have the room to expand upon and which I am afraid might bring you great personal distress if I were to do so.

Hence: "Excrement"

I shall leave it at that and bid you,