Friday, December 21, 2007

My Yule Log to You

Ah, fake fireplaces. Nothing quite says "I've given up on what is real and authentic" like a tinselly, aluminum, fire-like image, with a hair-dryer-like stream of dry air blowing into a room.

I recently discovered that the genius of American consumerism has improved on the fake fireplace system. If you don’t want the mess and cost associated with actual fake fires, you can now buy a Yule Log DVD, and have a simulated fire playing on your TV. I guess I should have seen this coming, but I do tend to live under a rock when it comes to consumer products.

However, it made me wonder why anyone should even go to the trouble of ordering a DVD, waiting for it to be delivered, and then exerting the effort to put it in a DVD player and press the play button. After all, the TV could be playing commercials and encouraging you to buy more stuff, so it seems wasteful have it play a video of a Yule log all day long.

My solution? Come to my blog whenever you want the cozy feeling of a Yule log. I am offering it free of charge from a YouTube video someone else went to the trouble of posting. It is even less work than a Google search. It is my present to you, for all your hard work of finding my blog, and reading this entire entry (so far):

Note: You may want to turn up the thermostat in your house for an even more realistic effect, or maybe put a small space heater under your computer.

Good luck and happy holidays. I'll return to posting after the New Year.


dw said...

This worked great, until the marshmallows melted all over the screen and keyboard. Thanks a lllllllllottttt (sorry, stickkkkky kkkkeys).


PG said...

happy new year. thanks for the warmth.

Anonymous said...

This was so thoughtfull and truly in the Giving Spirit of the holiday! I am moved nearly to tears. Now I have a request for next year's gift to those of us who are devoted enough fans to read your blog entries. We need a way to remember the numerous and myriad usernames, passwords, PIN's, etc, ad get my point. I'm sure you can come up with a solution! Thanks! Keke

Fingtree said...

Being of the hunter gatherer ilk, you have convinced me that this consumerism thing can be useful.
I've been googleing for the hunter side of this, I thought mabye Dick Cheney and his Blackwater boys may have a DVD for purchase compatible with your fireplace to roast some fresh kill on. ""