Friday, January 25, 2008

Come On, Bill

George Bush has been great for Bill Clinton. Although we were all pretty sick of Bill by the end, each subsequent year of the Bush disaster has taught us that Bill wasn’t so bad after all, in comparison. Such is the state of the world that we now yearn for a time when public lies were told in the service of morally bankrupt personal failings, instead of morally bankrupt public policy. As W continues to sacrifice our blood, treasure, and status on the pyre of conservatism, Bill’s status and judgment keeps looking better and better.

However, Bill just wouldn’t be Bill if he wasn’t willing to throw away goodwill for personal gain. In the last few weeks, he has been painfully reminding us why we were all so ready for him to move on. We had almost forgotten that he is a lying weasel.

In order to ensure Hillary’s nomination, he has been running around the country spreading lies about Barak Obama:

  • Jon Stewart calls him on supposedly overhearing that union workers who planned to vote against Hilary would be reassigned jobs so they couldn’t go to the caucus.
  • Clinton ads in South Carolina lie about Obama supporting Republican policies like tax breaks for the wealthy and not raising the minimum wage.
  • The whopper that Obama’s opposition to the Iraq War is a “fairy-tale.” Bill is taking an Obama quote out of context to claim Obama wasn’t really opposed to the war at the time of the vote. This is hogwash. Obama was one of the few who publicly stated his opposition before it happened, unlike Bill, who was mushy at best, but now claims he was against it from the beginning. Obama can be criticized for continuing to fund a war he is supposedly against, but his record on having good the judgment to oppose it at the beginning (unlike Hillary and Bill), is spotless.
Come on, Bill. We were just starting to warm up to you again. These are the kinds of things we expect from Lee Atwater and Karl Rove-type Republicans. It doesn't even serve Hillary in the long run, because it just reminds us that we’ll get four more years of slime if she is elected.

Why must Democrats make everything so hard?


Brownie said...

Another gleaming example of why I believe both sides of the aisle are equally scum ridden.

Dan S said...

I agree with the "scum" part, but not the "equal" part.

While Obama isn't perfect, and isn't a savior, I do think he is different, and good, and better than your average politician.

Robert Sievers said...


I believe one reason Obama is appealing to you is because your theology and his match fairly closely. When someones shares our worldviews to such an extent, we naturally gravitate toward them. We feel, and rightfully so, that they will act similarly to the way we would given any situation.

Thus my lack of enthusiasm for the 5 current republicans. Oh to have McCains foreign policy, Huckabee's stance on family issues, Romney's views on economy, and Juliana's ruthlessness in cutting government programs.

Dan S said...

Good observation Bob. We also tend to forgive mistakes and misjudgements from those who share our worldview as well.

I fully expect that if Obama does get elected, he is going to dissapoint me in many ways. Even as a Senator, he has been way too cautious. But, I can't help but like him for his authenticity.