Friday, January 23, 2009

King is the Prophet, Obama is the King

My Smile Politely column went up yesterday: Prophet vs. Kings. I argue that Obama, as a king, is designed to disappoint us, because he can't be a prophet, like Rev. King.


brownie said...

"the movement of power from those who have it to those who do not"

Is this really a good thing? If power corrupts, then won't this just lead to more corrupt people? Perhaps a more anarchy-based dissolution of power is the solution...maybe?

Dan S said...

I think of power as the ability to influence people or events. When lots of people have a little power, they can be corrupted by it, but the damage done can be less severe.

It's choosing the lesser of two evils.

menno said...

Excellent article! It would make a great discussion starter for Sunday School classes or small groups. The best "kings" pay attention to what the "prophets" are saying. It's interesting that the very earliest art work depicting Jesus is not hanging on a cross, or wearing a crown, but as a "shepherd-leader" figure. What a model that is for anyone who aspires to political leadership.

mennomom said...

Oops! should have been mennomom.