Saturday, May 23, 2009

A few questions for the Terminator Salvation robots

Warning, some spoilers are below.

  1. If you are a robot and your job is to kill the most important human target in the world, why would you spend all of your time throwing the human around a lab, rather than shooting the human with a gun, or simply crushing the human with your hands?
  2. If you capture the father of a past/future resistance leader, why would you hold him in a cell, instead of just killing him?
  3. Why go through the trouble of building a human interface in your super secret control room? Since you are a robot, why couldn’t you just download all the information to your half-robot/half-human henchman via a USB port, or even wireless technology, which will presumably still be available in the future?
  4. For that matter, why would you tell your half-human/half-robot deep informant henchman that he is an informant at all? This can only lead to confusion and bad things happening.
  5. If you are smart enough to send a robot into the past, why aren’t you smart enough to store plans for all the cool new technology you’ve developed, so it can be available earlier in history when you start fighting the humans? To be fair, humans are also not smart enough to do this either, so I suppose that makes it a fair fight.

All in all, I’m not sure why we should be so worried about robots taking over. They appear to be a bunch of morons.


Fingtree said...

"I’m not sure why we should be so worried about robots taking over. They appear to be a bunch of morons".
The concerns have already manifested; The Republican voting block has voted in a moron; G.W. Bush and a Terminator; Arnold Schwarzenegger. They also seem to have a gullible softspot for anything w/ salvation and guns attached to it. Add the 'hot chick' factor and you have the very mavericky half-human, half-politician robot that is USB port ready to be told what to say (Sarah Palin). It's like fish bait. Fishing for votes in the susceptible sea Republican robotics (Robotlicans). Dick Cheney is another good example; half-human, half-mechanical. His fishing boat is still chartered, he's been casting out and reeling in the 'diddo heads' for future fish fry's.

Robert Sievers said...

Someday you should choose to deal with your issues instead of spewing attacks against some stereotyped group of people you have invented to justify your lack of forgiveness.

Fingtree said...

I forgive you Bob, for attack on me.

brownie said...

The answer to question number two:
To lure your number one undesirable into the trap.

The answers to numbers 1,3,4 & 5: Because the script writer was an inglorious suckhole, uneducated in the intracacies and realities of everyday occurences like time-travel and self-replicating murderous robots. Jeesh!

Long live Spock.

joel said...

Funny stuff, Dan.

David Wright said...

You must read this article, Dan.