Thursday, July 16, 2009

DreamSeeker Article

I got a nice present in the mail this week -- a hardcopy of DreamSeeker Magazine with my article in it, plus a small check.

The article is called A Brief History of Love and Suffering and it's available on the web here.


Anonymous said...

I really liked the DreamSeeker article.
Nicely done.
It was fun to see you in Columbus.

Fingtree said...

Neighbor Dan; (Dreamseeker Article")Your best work, in my humble self-serving opinion! Love it:-)
Although; "Love is not some tiny sprig of parsley next to the big, juicy pork chop of salvation", I do beg to differ on this. You must have missed this years ago at Bill Knapps. It was always in the parsley Dan! You can "juice out" the burger by applying to much down pressure, but the parsley is always the saving grace. If it looks good, it must be good :-)

Robert Sievers said...

Perhaps the best way to love our neighbor is to let the government take our earnings and give to people they feel are oppressed. In that way we can love our neighbor without having to do anything and without the possibility of sinning.

non-sequiter said...

I knew a girl named Pandora once...never got to see her Box though.

Dan S said...

I don't know Bob. It seems like you work hard at complaining that your tax money benefits oppressed people, so it isn't like you aren't doing anything. :)

Fingtree, I'm just glad my years of cooking at Bill Knapps lead to something useful, like a parsely metaphor.

Fingtree said...

The country of Iraq and it's people must be some of those that Bob suggests "our government feels are oppressed"?
There was much to learn from the Prophet Knapp Dan.

Robert Sievers said...


Is it true that perhaps you don't agree with the way our government spends mneey to help "opressed" people in Iraq or Afghanistan? Perhaps each of us as individuals should be working at this cause, rather than letting secular politicians decide. Just a thought.

Fingtree said...

Are you suggesting that all American politicians are without religion or only a certain party of politicians?