Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Prop 8 Irony

Anna Barnes over at Smile Politely's splog pointed out this news item: The Courage Campaign created a parody logo of the anti-gay marriage Proposition 8 official logo. Here are the logos:

Proposition 8 lawyers sent a cease and desist letter to the Courage Campaign saying that the two logos are “substantially indistinguishable.”

Hmm. A family with 2 moms is pretty much the same as a family with a mom and dad?  Yeah, that's what we've been saying for some time now.  And what Prop 8 made illegal. 

Thanks, Prop 8 lawyers, for your affirmation of gay marriage.


brownie said...

Is it possible to not care what others do (i.e. sexual preference), and yet still think there is something basically wrong about it?

If so, that's probably me.

Just being honest.

Anonymous said...

A very wise pastor told me that the main issue is, do we define homosexual sex as sin. We have in the past, but we could redefine it.

Other sins have been redefined. For example, most churches no longer perceive it sinful to have women speak in church, and many have women pastors.


Robert Sievers said...

It is true that we could redefine any number of things to be sin or not sin. That would sure make following God much easier.

brownie said...

Sign me up! Anything to make life easier, I'm for!

Robert Sievers said...

If you want to stand up fro the rights of homosexuals, these are the kinds of people you need to be worried about:


Dan S said...

It's true Bob -- I find it much easier to follow God when both men and women are allowed to be pastors, even though it was thought to be a sin for women to be pastors in previous generations.

And congratulations for finding a religious conservative who is against homosexuality because of strict adherence to religious texts. Was he quoting from Lev. 20:13?

Robert Sievers said...

No, he was quoting from the Qur'an.

Either you completely misunderstood that he was Muslim, or perhaps you do, and were making what you thought was a valid point because you don't understand the difference between law and grace.

Samuel said...

we have already redefined a number of things as sin over time.
Jesus, for example, loved to redefine sin. Despite his jot and iota language, what was unclean is now clean. Basically no Christians keep kosher. Throughout the Middle Ages, usury (charging interest) was considered sinful, seeing as it violates an explicit command of Jesus. Now we think nothing of it.
What makes me sad is that we have redefined sins that apply equally to most people-for example, two generations ago in the Mennonite Church drinking, dancing, and playing cards were all considered sinful, women mostly wore head coverings (effecting 1/2 the population at least), and no pastor who had been divorced would ever have been let back in a pulpit, today, these things are much smaller concerns. Nevertheless, we have and toed the line on homosexuality, because for most people it is an easy temptation to resist, and you can prove your righteousness without having to actually inconvenience yourself in any way. The fact that homosexuality remains sinful in the face of all these other restrictions being swept away speaks to how easy it is to condemn other people rather than actually live a transformed life.

I personally think that the Pharisees still plague us, and that religions are just as likely to be more strict than God requires than more lenient than God demands.

My goodness my comments get long. Sorry about that.

Dan S said...

Sam, you are, as usual, the voice of reason.

Bob, I did get that he was Muslim. And I understand the difference between law and grace. I also understand grace well enough to know that grace is not limited to Christians, and that sin is not limited to Muslims.