Thursday, March 04, 2010

Random Scenes

It's a travel day for us, as we go from Jalna to Mumbai. I have a bunch of pictures of caves that I'll post as soon as I can get to it.  In the meantime, here are a few random scenes from our travels so far.

For anyone who complains about Greyhound service:

It seems that most people in India love getting their picture taken. And of those, all of them want their picture taken with Martha. Crowds flock to her, and she takes it all in stride.

In fact, I wonder if she’s thinking of becoming a spiritual leader, since she is already working on her “gathering the disciples” pose.

John the Baptist started in the desert, so be careful if she starts eating locusts and trying to baptize you (or re-re-baptize you, if you are already Anabaptist).

And while we are on the Moores in the desert, the heat seemed to have affected Thom, because he kept demanding that Martha take pictures of him as Laurence of Arabia shaving in his tent.

As for the Breeze’s, I wonder if they should upgrade from cabin to fort. The retreat possibilities would be tremendous:

Here’s the Indefatigable Usha , helping the Breezes to navigate India shopping:

Here's our first real meal after we arrived with paper dosa (savory crepe) and onion rava dosa (savory crepe with onion)

Thom and Clark keep harassing the locals by stretching out their mustaches.

Actually, this guy was the doorman at our hotel in Jaipur, and was quite proud of his mustache, which he unfurled for them to hold. We think Dannie O. should strive to grow a mustache like this. Thom and Clark would be happy to unravel it for him.

Here’s an angry American woman about to strangle two tourists

Snake charmers. The charge for taking a picture of a snake charmer is 10 rupees (25 cents).

Another photo of me with my eyes open. Photos with my eyes open are only possible because of the excessive number of takes available via digital cameras. Also, it being broad daylight without a flash helps.

Usha noticed that I don’t make much fun of myself on the blog. I guess that’s one of the privileges of blog passwords. And all my lame jokes are really just signs of affection from a grateful, german-heritaged, tagger-along who has strange ways to express appreciation.

Finally, the moon sets at dawn in the desert. This is Martha's picture because I was asleep at the time, so you get to experience it the same way I did.


Mary said...

Dan, Just want you to know how much I'm enjoying your blog. It's delightful!!!

Tracy said...

I am living vicariously through you! I love your sense of humor, and it is just so interesting to be able to see and experience a bit of your travels!

Austin Moore said...


Thanks so much for the updates. The desert camp/resort looks awesome!

Tell everyone I said hello and I hope you guys enjoy your last couple of days in India. My mom may want to stay there a little longer and enjoy her rockstar status!

Christopher said...

You look like you're feeling better.