Friday, May 14, 2010

Nazi Tourette's

Lewis Black on Glenn Beck's NTS (Nazi Tourette's Syndrome):

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For those keeping track at home, here are the times it is appropriate to make comparisions to Nazis and the times it is just crazy talk:

  • Including empathy as a desirable characteristic in a judge
  • Providing health care to the poorest among us
  • References to the term “social justice”
  • Attempts to address climate change
  • Teaching kids about climate change
  • Government support of the arts
  • TARP funding
  • The Peace Corp
Crazy Talk:
  • Invading another country to gain access to their natural resources
  • Requiring police officers to demand identification papers from people
  • Wiretapping citizens


Samuel said...

Funny, yes, but the more interesting question is if there is ever an appropriate time for Nazi analogies, and if so, when? Coming from my leftist side of the argument, I am most comfortable drawing modern day parallels with Nazi hyper-nationalism (Germany is the greatest nation in the world!), vilification of minorities (its all the Jew's fault!), and war-mongering (A big army means a great nation!), but I'd be interested in what others think.

Dan S said...

I tend to agree in principle that bringing the Nazis into any argument means you lose the argument. On the other hand, sometimes I am willing to lose an argument this way.

What is different about the left and right's use of Nazi comparisons over the last 10 years is that the Left generally compares American policies to bad things the Nazis did (lying to get into war, scapegoating, wiretapping, etc) and the Right tends to compare our policies to good things the Nazis tried to do, (like universal health care, environmentalism, etc). It's like critcizing Amtrack for running the trains on time, because that was how the Nazis did it.

Fingtree said...

That was funny! With Glenn Beck's recent rants of God communicating with him personally etc.. The larger question with his material, including his 'Nazi Tourette' syndrome mentioned by lewis Black is; What is Fox News' agenda with this nutball? They obviously are allowing this material to be aired or writing some of it for him. Who in their right mind would allow such egregious pretentiousness without a hidden agenda? Amazing that they get away with it and that so many people actually take him seriously.
I wonder, does God talk to anyone else here?

Robert Sievers said...
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Robert Sievers said...

I do have a personal relationship with Him, if that is what you are asking.

Fingtree said...

We all do Bob, in our own special way equally.

Robert Sievers said...


if you are correct, then why did you ask a question you knew the answer to.

Samuel said...

Fingertree and Robert, I think its an interesting theological question, one that dates back to the Apostle Paul, and one that Pentecost brings up-presuming that God is still speaking, that we all can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit if we welcome Jesus into our hearts, how do we test the voice of God in our neighbors, and in ourselves?

I think Glen Beck is a performance artist who does not testify to the actual voice of God, mainly because he can cry on demand, he compares everything to Nazi's and Communists, he compulsively lies, and almost nothing he believes is connected to the Biblical text, but I think this is a much more challenging question on less divisive people.

I tend to be skeptical of those who claim God has a really specific plan for their lives or a really specific message (I have a word from God for you) but that may be my own issues speaking.

Fingtree said...

Your right Bob; "If your correct". I already knew that it wouldn't be equally, you are the only correct one. You are the burning bush bob (BBB). Your walk with God seems to be like that of Congressman Mark Souder of my district here that just resigned today from the House.

Fingtree said...

Samuel; I think you need to stick to reading the book of Samuel only. Pour oil over Bob's head and appoint him King of Crits.

Robert Sievers said...


I think I get it. Since I don't believe that everyone has an equal understanding of God (as you do), my understandingis is not equal to yours.

Fingtree said...

It will be a long time until; "you get it". Oh your gonna get it :-)
The American Christian view of "real life" begins when you die and that this walk on earth is some sort of preliminary hearing is aberrant.
The ultimate equalizer is death, it is something we all share as living things. Being tolerant of others, especially their beliefs, whether Muslim, Buddhism, Shinto, Wicca, Taoism etc.. No man or religion can claim to know what is right in the realm of religion or what actually happens to us upon death, not even you Bob. Although I believe that the Mormons and you Bob are the chosen ones.
I would like to request a meeting with you Bob. Being one of God's ambassador's, the prognosticating prophet of Jesus that you are. We could meet on a simulated Mount Sinai, with a can of gasoline made from Iraqi processed Halliburton oil, a wooden match from a rain forest tree and a Reverend Jeremiah Wright autographed bible. After dousing you with the gasoline, putting the match to your soul and reading a few choice passages from the Rev's bible, you could sooth-say for me, through your God, my future peril or divine happy ending that awaits me. Maybe cook up a 'Smore' over you as my last supper?

Samuel said...

what the heck? I think talking about burning someone alive is over the line.
I can't tell if you're trying to be funny and failing, or just being mean.
Dan, I think that might deserve some editing.

its fine that you don't think there are any moral absolutes in the universe (other than don't be Republican, apparently) but I certainly beg to differ, and plan to continue to work for good as I perceive it-even if other religions believe differently.

Fingtree said...

Wow, it's symbolism, just like the bible Samuel.
If Dan wanted to edit me, he would have edited me out as a friend 30 plus years ago.
There are as many ways to live as there are people...

Robert Sievers said...

Two of my favorite proverbs are 14:12 and 12:15.