Friday, June 18, 2010

Why Soccer Sucks

Usually, I enjoy watching soccer. And then I see stuff like this:

A guy kicks the air in the direction of another player who looked liked he was going to throw the ball at the first guy. The second guy, without even being touched, flops down and writhes in pain, drawing a red card for the first guy from an out-of-position umpire. The first player is ejected, his team is now down one player, and the other team scores two goals to win 2-1. 

In any other sport, it would be considered at least unsportsmanlike and at best unseemly to flop down on the ground and writhe in pain without being touched.  Why do soccer players embarrass their sport like this?  I hope someday that soccer players will become as brave and manly as tennis players or bowlers, who manage not to writhe on the ground when people come near them.


Frugal Life UK said...

Are you watching the world cup?

Dan S said...

Yes, when it is on, and I've been enjoyin it. I'm still hoping for the US and England to emerge from their group, but it looks like they'll both have to win their next games outright.

Tim said...

I don't know what kind of tennis you watch, but I always fall down and writhe on the ground whenever someone serves an ace against me.

I agree that soccer flops are ridiculous. I was turned off by the World Cup when they were announcing the scores on the radio after the first day. The first game was a 0-0 tie, while the second one was a 1-1 draw. Ooh, I'm sorry I missed those!