Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Not Dead Yet

News broke this morning that Daniel Schreiber of Flatlander Chocolate died unexpectedly last night. Rest assured, I am a different Dan Schreiber. I've not been put on the ox cart yet, and if I am, I'm pretty sure I still have the energy to scramble off before they hit me with a shovel.

Unfortunately for CU, the loss of "the other Dan Schreiber" (as I refer to him), is a bigger loss to the community. Providing fine chocolate to one's neighbors is no doubt more valuable than providing cranky left-wing opinions. 

We've both been in town for a few years now and I'm sad that I never got to actually meet him.  My heart goes out to his friends and family. I hope he has chocolate waiting for us all on the other side.


Jason Mierek said...

Glad to hear you are still with us Dan. I got an e-mail from the Channing Murray that Daniel Schrieber had passed away, and I worried that it was you. I never had a chance to meet the "other Daniel Schrieber" but it sounds like he will definitely be missed.

brownie said...

I wouldn't call you cranky. Left wing-yes, snarky-maybe...but not cranky. I pray (well sort of, as much as a quasi-buddhist prays) you're around a lot longer.