Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Church You

Finally, some people who understand what it means to have God's blessing :)

More hilarious shorts available at:


snarkbutt said...

Welcome back, Minor! Where have you been?


Unfortunately I can't view videos at work, or rather, I can't listen to them at work, which is usually a pretty important component of videos. I would love to enjoy this site, but I don't surf the web at home (because I do so much of it at work.)

From what I could gather by watching the videos with minimal sound at my public service desk, it's a spoof of those The More You Know public service announcements. Very funny. I also checked out the "Body of Christ" t-shirt that labels me as "the rectum" of the body that has Christ as the head. That made me stifle a guffaw at my public service desk. Hilarious.

Dan S said...

You owe it to yourself to hear the words on these. They are priceless, especially the rectum one, which, if you see it, you'll see why I immediately thought of you as embodying, so to speak. :)