Monday, October 09, 2006

Greenwald on Foley

Another great post by Glenn Greenwald on the Mark Foley mess. Since he mentions God in it, I am justifying linking to it :)

Unclaimed Territory - by Glenn Greenwald: Does the Foley scandal prove the existence of a God?

My favorite line:
as Billmon wrote in comments here the other day, the relentless efficiency of this scandal is proof positive that Democrats had nothing to do with it...

Also, note that the question he is posing IS A JOKE.


Brownie said...


The existence of God cannot be proved or disproved by man. The arguments will rage on, because God's existence is a matter of faith, which in all cases defies efforts to either be proved or disproved.

Note: You might find it enlightening, interesting or perhaps irrelevant or boring that I NEVER go to any links you have on your blog. If I don't see it here, knowing it was something YOU thought up and composed, I'm not interested in reading it. An obtuse attitude, yes, but totally Brownie.


Dan S said...

You must be a blog stalker then.

You should read Greenwald. He is much more interesting that I am.

snarkbutt said...

No, not irrelevant. Brilliant. He's satirizing a conservative talking point by applying the Intelligent Design theory to politics.

This "perfect storm" of scandal no more proves the existence of God than does the "perfect" design of nature. Personally, I think this "perfect satire" proves the existence of Glenn Greenwald.

My favorite paragraph is:
In that regard, this scandal is like the Cliffs' Notes version of a more complicated treatise on how the Bush movement operates. Every one of their corrupt attributes is vividly on display here.

Brownie said...

Blog Stalker? Because I refuse to follow links on YOUR page? I either don't understand the term or I don't understand your reference to it.