Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Guatemala Here I Come

I signed up for an interterm class on Liberation Theology in Guatemala and leave tomorrow with 12 others for a 3 week stint in Guatemala City at the Mennonite Semilla.

I've been scurrying around trying to pack everything I'll need, which includes more dressy clothes than I am used to wearing (they dress more formally down there, so my usual slobby bluejeans are discouraged). I tend to underpack clothes and overpack reading materials, so I'll need to cut down on the number of New Yorkers I want to catch up on.

Here's what I know about Liberation Theology: God is on the side of the oppressed. I hope to learn why in the next three weeks.

I'm told there is internet access at the seminary there, so I don't know whether my blog output will increase or decrease while I'm there here. Statistically speaking, it would be hard to decrease blog output, since I managed only one post in December, and this post technically counts as a January post. But, I'm hoping there will be some time in between readings, class sessions, and day trips to see Guatemala to do a little blogging.


Anonymous said...

I worked there for two years and loved it!! Try to get to Lake Atitlan and Antigua. Two of the best places in Guate. Visit the Presidential Palace in Parque Central about 10 AM and stay for the tour... Need anyone to carry your bags? Say Hello to all for me! Dan Durborow, Lancaster, Pa (Mennonite Mecca)

Brownie said...


dw said...

Hoping it's a really rich time for you, Dan.


Dan S said...

Update: I'm here safely and happily and am drinking only bottled water. As it turns out, both Lake Atitlan and Antigua are on the itinerary, so we are in luck.

Since I do have internet access, I hope to post some things as I go, so if I get travel sickness, rest assured you will be kept up to date and informed.