Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Too Much Information, Running Through My Head

My brain is officially full. Information is leaking out my ears, down the side of my bleary-eyed face. If my brain were a stomach, it would have just eaten a plate of spaghetti the size of a hubcab, and is now expanding uncomfortably, causing my lungs to pant. I don't know what other part of me would be my lungs in this metaphor, becaus my brain is usually the one to figure these things out, and there is no room left at the inn for unmixed metaphors.

We are travelling for the next two days, and I am incapable of any meaningful output until after the trip. I've probably posted too much anyway, flooding the market on Dan Observations On Guatemala so that you could probably pick one up at the mercado for a few Quetzals from indigenous craftspeople. Please do. They need the money.

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