Sunday, September 09, 2007

No End in Sight Review

Here's my review of No End in Sight, over at the Unofficial EbertFest blog.

It is a documentary about the decisions made in the runup to, and early stages of, the Iraq War. It will disabuse anyone of the notion that George Bush is some kind of modern day Abraham Lincoln. If you wonder why I would bother even mentioning this, you don't read the letters to the editor in the News Gazette very often. Which is probably a good thing.


Fingtree said...

A fine and fair review Dan. The material and information from this video is nothing new of course. The 'Tree' here saw this coming and called it as it went down from the time the Supreme Court appointed Buffoon Boy President of this country in 2000 to the present. I'm not boasting, it's always been clairvoyant and easy to see if you were not clouded over with psuedo patriotism or susceptible/gullible to the propaganda. I must give credit to the GOP and the media for protecting G.W.Buffoon. They did manage to fool enough people to see their dirty deeds through.

brownie said...

To be completely off the point, let me ask you this: What is truth?

Is it a perception or a reality? A point of view shaped by personal experience or an undeniable emprical fact of science? A bunny as elusive as Bugs, or a possession as secure as a prisoner at Gitmo? Is it like a discrete quantuum state, or something as gray and nuanced as 40's film noir? Can it be measured and determined by a few or does it require the consent and agreement of all?

I'm not sure.

What I am sure of is this: that there are as many perceptions of truth as there are individuals in the world. That said, I also believe that some of those people must certainly be, well, just plain wrong, and that there is only one truth.

Judging which and what is indeed "truth" however, that--that is the hard part. And perhaps, just a little dangerous; to become so convinced that one is the pronouncer and keeper of the truth, that all else becomes lies, fictions, canards or heresy. It can only lead to division and hatred. Therefore, I shall leave it to Someone greater than I to pronounce the real and absolute truth.

I can hardly wait.

Dan S said...

Brownie, if you get confused about the Truth, just ask fingtree. An Iraqi man with no healthcare can't be wrong...