Thursday, November 08, 2007

Keyword Search Mania 3!

These keyword search posts are so easy that they feel cheap. And, they are probably getting a little stale, like a Church Lady skit from in the mid-90s.

So, this might be the last one. But, I feel honor bound to do at least one more, since I'm sure everyone has been waiting with mouse-baited breath for the answer to "How Long Do Dead Mice Stink?"

The answer: About a week. Wisps of dead mouse did linger for a lot longer. I'll have a spreadsheet graph made available for those interested in the full logarithmic decay.

For the keyword searches, "Mennonite porn" continues to be a popular way to reach this blog. I am now number two for google search results for that phrase (yes, I checked), and number one when it is fully spelled out to "Mennonite pornography." Hurray for me! I'll have to write mom about that - she'll be so proud that I'm number one among people who are more or less literate.

My favorite this time around is "congressmen who willfully take actions during wartime that damage morale and undermine the military are saboteurs and should be arrested exiled or hanged". Three separate people entered that phrase somewhere, or one person who really liked what I had to say about it. I'm not sure I would say it exactly that way though. I'd probably word it more like "Congressmen who have courage to do the right thing and cut off funding for an illegal and immoral war should be given flowers and kisses." I can see why someone would come here for guidance on what to do in that situation though.

Also, three people were very concerned about why Mennonites are so arrogant. It may have something to do with why we look so perfect (one person) and our secret "mennonite juice" (one person). I think it is because we are going to heaven, unlike everyone else we know.

OK, here they are, The Most Interesting Keyword Searches that have led people here since the last time I did this:

Mennonite Porn (11)
mennonite pornography
mennonite sex
why do the mennonites look so perfect
jesus violent Mennonite
minor chords in mennonite
just a little talk with jesus nwc
black specks in bowel movements (3)
poor vs wealthy pictures
dead bat in side walls stinks
mennonite stereotypes
mennonite of the Midwest
Mennonite movie
dead mouse in the wall stinks- what to do
famous amish figures
john howard yoder jokes
ritual around mascot in sport event
why do people want hillary clinton as president
need an essay on how peanuts makes us healthy
mennonite stereotypes (2)
possessed computers
committee jokes
head injury cartoons
a day in the life of a mennonite teenager
journey of salvation colors
tightly squeeze image
why are mennonites so arrogant (3)
ways to find a person who drunk beer
dead puppy pictures
irony in the fugitive
minors right to money
reasons for not being able to grow facial hair
phrase on the prowl
ten thousand villages exploit
wash away your sins with nun in a soap
what do mennonites look like
mennonite heresy
mennonite sex scandal
who was the 7 headed hydra’s parents
mennonite juice
democrat dark dungeon
amish medication
dirty mennonite
congressmen who willfully take actions during wartime that damage morale and undermine the military are saboteurs and should be arrested exiled or hanged (3)

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Just for the record, I was searching under "Mennonite porn" trying to find more info on the Andrew Eggman/EMU sex scandal story! Don't know if that's a valid excuse or not...:)