Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Loyalty Oaths

This week's Smile Politely column is a somewhat muddled discourse on loyalty, the Constitution, and integrity: "Would You Sign a Loyalty Oath?"

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Fingtree said...

Early on in our Iraq occupation, we, along with our appointed Government there, created a new Iraqi flag. There was such an uprising and opposition to it there, that we backed off and left the old one in place. I have heard vague reports that we are attempting to do it again. I believe there will be the words: "In Allah We Trust" written on it, along with an extra star (Jewish star shaped)and red, white, blue, black and green bars. Only registered Democrats and those deemed to be so called Liberals (whatever that means), will be made to sign an oath of loyalty to this flag. I will submit a new "Pledge Allegiance" song for it; a rap rhythm with a yankee doodle melody played on Persian musical instruments. Yes, I would sign that oath, not unlike an Iraqi blackened finger in Baghdad at election time. "Allah Bless the USA"