Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Rally Ends

I'm back from the rally, after a long day of travel, and a lovely nostalgia run through the Balto-Wash corridor (I lived there in the late 80s).  You can now re-live my day at the rally via my Smile Politely article: Sanity is More Reasonable Than Fear.

We decided not to bring our own signs.  They wouldn't have fit on the Metro anyway.  It was great to go with Dave though, for the same reason it's great to have him on my side during basketball games: he is very, very tall.  Tall people are easier to find at rallies and able to get better camera angles at funny signs.

I had a great time at Dave's brother-in-law's Eric's house too, who has the second most adorable children in the world. Plus I had a great lunch with Alisa, my old friend from Maryland, where we caught up and reminisced about the being in our 20s back in the 80s.

Anyway, the rally was a huge success.  People are no longer fearful. Sane and reasonable discourse now rules the day. The election today will sweep in a new generation of moderates committed to finding common solutions that work for everyone, regardless of ideology and prejudice.

Maybe not. I'm glad I went anyway.

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