Monday, August 06, 2007

Weenie Democrats...Again

Instead of impeaching Bush for his lawless wiretapping of Americans, Democrats have instead decided to just make it legal, apparently because they are afraid of being called bad names . I am truly appalled.

I can’t decide whether they are acting like Minister Fudge in ignoring obvious danger, or whether Cheney is actually a recovered Horcrux and is using the imperius curse from his dark dungeon to take control of the Democratic Party.

Either way, political theatre this absurd could only be topped with the introduction of a meaningless, non-binding censure resolution of Bush, Cheney, and Gonzales, a move which is bound to fail anyway.

Come on, Democrats. What works for Republicans doesn't work for us. For example:

Republican Base: “Reducing constitutional rights? Expanding federal power and spending?”
Republican Politicians: “… Um…. Hey, Look! Someone is burning a flag over there! I think it’s Osama Bin Laden! And fanatical Muslims are going to be teaching your children to poop on baby Jesus if you don’t do everything we say!”
Republican Base: “Aiiggghhh! We’re all going to die! Please take our money and liberty!”

Democratic Base: “Caving unnecessarily on constitutional freedoms? Not standing up to torture, illegal imprisonment, and arch-conservative judges”
Democratic Politicians: “ Hey, look, a censure resolution!”
Democratic Base: “Yea, right. Are you only willing to stand up for our precious ideals when it doesn’t matter? You sicken me so much I’m going to vote for Ralph Nader again and give power to those who always disagree me with instead.”

OK, OK, it seems neither base is all that bright.

Despite my obvious frustration with the Democrats, I still believe there is a difference between the parties. For example, Democrats are weenies, as I’ve already mentioned. But they only usually vote for the moneyed interests in this country. Republicans do that all the time. And, Democrats occasionally have enough spine to slip in minor policy measures that help reduce suffering in the world.

Rooting for the lesser of two evils has never been so distasteful, but that’s just how the world works. If you want even a marginally better world, unfortunately you have to get your hands dirty. I think the best way to handle this particular situation is to take names and work to defeat specific, cowardly Democrats in their primaries.


brownie said...

Have you noticed how over the last few years our (yours and mine, that is) political postions have had a tendency to gravitate toward one another. Like two random asteroids that get near each other and then become a symbiotic, binary orbiting pair, linked by an invisibile force that some say is composed of particles of energy called gravitons, while others insist the attraction is caused by a bending in the very fabric of space-time, like two marbles rolling down an endless, not-to-overly-steep funnel?

Or should I be like you and think of some Rowlingesque metaphor? Naw, I like my physics one better. So maybe the mean distance of our orbital diameter is not as close as I thought. Or your apogee is my perigee. Or vice versa.

What were we talking about?

Fingtree said...

Is there still a war going on?

Fingtree said...

The major difference I have perceived in the two party comparison is the Neo-Con factor. The oil bathing, weapons dealing, drug stealing unscrupulous esoteric greed train, that has bullied, bought and lied it's way to power. George W. Bush and his cronies have gotten a free pass. You won't see Ken Starr hired to investigate, smear, bully or intimidate his brethren in arms (Republicans)
No, Ken Starr is busy taking more of our tax dollars as the leading attorney for Blackwater. Another Neo-Con creation.
I have also found the answer to my comment prior; "Is there still a war going on"? I found it in small print attached to an advertisement pop up on the net: Yes, there is still a war going on, war's that is. Osama Bin Laden has not been smoked out of his hole and IRAQ is the ultimate Neo-Con creation of all. Unchecked corruption of unprecedented proportions. A burdening blunder that the U.S. taxpayers will pay for for countless years to come. A catastrophy we all share now. Like the weak minded that went along with this administration, it's easier to either blame the other side or blanket blame the system or both sides for their bad decisions and greedy ways. Some of us saw this coming in December of 2000. The one's that didn't and did nothing, I consider the 'Weenies'~