Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I've Had Enough of the Crazy

I guess I'm a mood lately.

Yesterday I went after Cal Thomas.

Today I'm going after the Birthers, the Teabaggers and the Astroturfers in my Smile Politely column: Untethered.

Also, I think one of our political parties has become the People's Front of Judea.


The Observer said...

I read your post at Smile Politely. I enjoyed it. Thanks.

I linked it at my blog

I also wrote about Cal Thomas today

Robert Sievers said...

I am trying to work with the government on something, and it is taking months to do something I could do myself in about 3 days. Why am I the exception to the streamlined efficiency that everyone else sees?

Anonymous said...

Wonder if the mood will shift when Jill finishes her qualifying exams and the kids go back to school next week?

Dan S said...

Surely, my mood has nothing to do with well-reasoned and logical rantings!

brownie said...

F*** the People's Front of Judea!

We're with the Judean People's Front!

brownie said...

Point taken on the birthers. But why is it when someone you disagree with protests policies(conservatives vs spending and health care) automattically become crazies, while when the people you agree with protest policies (liberals vs the war and torture), they are just exercising the constitutional rights? And being good citizens?

Why is it that when liberals organize to protest it's definitely "grass-roots." When conservatives do the same it's some cockamame right-wing conspiracy of crazies?

Wait..it's a rhetorical question...I already know the answer.

PG said...

Brownie, it's because the astroturfers are crazy. And so thoroughly deceived.

Hey, finally they have the evidence that Rove pushed the justice dept to oust the prosecutors. Didn't we all know that from day one?

So why is he still allowed to run around free? He and the rest of the Bush-era crazies so completely usurped the democratic process. Just like these screaming astroturfers.

They should all be in prison.

Dan S said...

I'm using the word crazy in the sense that they are insane, untethered from reality, believe things that are demonstrably false or contradictory.

As I've often said, there's not proportionality here. Liberals were raving mad for legitimate things: the deficit was being bloated for the benefit of small numbers of already wealthy people, that we destroyed another country that was not threatening us and that we were torturing people as part of American policy.

Conservatives are raving mad about birth certificates and fictional death panels and fictional socialized medicine. It's not the anger so much as the crazy stuff they are angry about.

If they want to be angry, as PG mentioned, why not be angry that federal prosectors were fired because they weren't corrupt enough for the presidental adminstration that was in power? Abuse of power seems like a legimate beef. Comparing health care to nazism is just crazy.

brownie said...

Aren't "raving mad" and "crazy" synonyms?

If this is so, I must admit you have a fine point there.

PG said...

That's clever, Brownie. Ha ha.

To my mind, admittedly driven to distraction by a world who thinks Sarah Palin makes sense, I see the two camps of protesters driven angry/crazy/raving mad/whathaveyou because they perceive things with these basic differences.

Group A says:
War = Bad
Health Care = Good

Group B says:
War = Good
Health Care = Bad

The rest is just arguing.

Robert Sievers said...


That was probably the most offensive note you have written. If that is really what you think conservatives think, it shows you have zero listening skills whatsoever, so I am done talking.

Enjoy your own little world.

PG said...

What I meant to write was:

Group A says:
War = Bad
Health Care Reform = Good

Group B says:
War = Good
Health Care Reform = Bad

brownie said...

The expectation of brilliance is disaster. Yet the expectation of the innocent is utopia. Together, they form a world where we find a balance: of prepraredness for the one, and eternal hope for the other.

The wheel of karma must continue to turn....

Fingtree said...

Brownie; I always expect brilliance from you, yet your karmic wheel reference has brought me bliss. I eternally hope I'm prepared for disaster.
"I am trying to work with the government on something, and it is taking months to do something I could do myself in about 3 days"
Robot Sievers; could it not have taken you (3) months to do yourself, what it has taken our Government years to do in Iraq?

PG said...

Having listened carefully to the voices of reason and otherwise, I would like to further amend my formula to a more concise, if less symmetrical, framing.

Group A says:
War = Evil
Health Care Reform = Necessary

Group B says:
War = Necessary
Health Care Reform = An Evil Plot

Dan S said...

Nice summary PG - I think that's exactly right.

Brownie, I think it's interesting that the disaster/utopia split isn't along a partisan thing either. Conservatives and Liberals expect disaster/utopia in different areas. So, conservatives advocate war and torture because they expect the world to be against them. Liberals advocate civil rights because they don't believe we'll get to a color-blind society utopia on our own.

At least I think that's right.

Prufrock's Cave said...

It's careless to lump birthers in with the conservative movement as a whole. I despise everything Obama stands for, but I also know that "birtherism" is crazy, foolish nonsense . . . just like the left's "trutherism".

Wack jobs to the left of me, wack jobs to the right of me.