Thursday, August 27, 2009

More socialism in health care

Why are we afraid of the word "socialism?" It is being used not as an argument in current debates, but as an accusation. It is being used insidiously too, in that policies intended to accomplish the common good are labeled "socialist" and therefore evil. End of discussion.

Call it what you want, but health care is a common good. If you want to call it socialist, fine. Then I guess we need more socialism in health care:


Eric Sink said...

Try this discussion thread for a good laugh:

Publicly education is obviously socialism, but some people can't separate that word from its negative connotations.

Tim said...

Love the fire department analogy. To further it, imagine that 20% of the people didn't have fire insurance, and so when their home caught on fire, it would spread to other homes.

The more people without insurance, the more it would affect everyone.

As much as libertarian Republicans would like to believe they live in a bubble, they don't. Your actions, or lack thereof, affect other people. In a society, we have to have certain systems in place to keep the (metaphorical) fire from spreading.

Fingtree said...

How about 'socialized sex'? Where we get the same privileges of mistresses or extra marital affairs as our Senators and Congressmen do. Or 'Universal hypocrisy' like;
Love Jesus Hate Jews
Anti Abortion Pro War
Utilize Medicare Kill Grandma
Liberal Media Fox News

Tim; If Libertarian Republicans don't live in a bubble, are they blind with sight?