Friday, September 11, 2009

Armor of God Pajamas -- Rest in Peace

So, I was going to post a link to The Armor of God Pajamas website (which my old college friend Joanna posted on her Facebook page awhile back). It was going to be the perfect way to get off politics.

I was going to remark at how attempts to combine Christianity with Capitalism usually end this way -- in a bundle of clunkiness, humor, and suspect theology. I was also going to remark that it was too bad they didn't make Armor of God PJs in adult sizes, because I think Jill would have looked sexy as a crusader.

But, it appears that the website is no more. There are almost 5K web hits on "Armor of God" and "Pajamas," and almost all are filled with ridicule. It's not clear whether it was the $39.95 price tag or the ridicule that killed the Armor of God Pajamas, but sadly, you'll now need to sew your own Faith Shield if you want to go to bed with one.

Rest in peace, Armor of God Pajamas.


Delicious Cipher said...

I just want to know where I can get a pair of "Low Self Esteem" underpants.

lls said...

Somehow I always thought these dovetailed nicely with the Brick Testament.

Dan S said...

Words fail me.

Audrey Ratzlaff said...

The website IS gone! I used these as an illustration in a sermon not too many weeks ago, when the Armor of God passage was in the lectionary. I contrasted this approach to being God's warriors with stories from Shane Claiborne's Jesus for President.

Dan, I thoroughly enjoy the blog...when I have time to read it.