Thursday, September 17, 2009

Stuff White People Like

My Smile Politely column this week is about the website Stuff White People Like. I am satisfied to report that my inner whiteness is in complete harmony with my outer whiteness.


Fingtree said...

It could be broken down into more refined groups like the Greco-Roman, Anglo-Celtic, Chindians etc., it is endless and pointless. We are all Mutt's:
The epidermis of light skinned people is not actually white. The underlying layers of collagen and adipose tissue are white in people of all races. Hearts are black, ten fingers, ten toes, brown out the butt and bleed red from the nose. There is no difference.
I would like to know the ratio of how many 'Stuffed White People' (marble, metal, cement, stone stautes) there are world wide versus other races, that may be an underlying difference.
Do people like Barack Obama, that are a mix of black/white, prefer flavored bottled water to the standard out of the tap H2O?
Nice article as always Dan

Tim said...

I found the idea of the site funny, but I'm not impressed with the execution.

It doesn't bother me to be made fun of, or even being stereotyped. (Fair is fair.)

But more importantly, since it's all about white liberals and not whites in general, I don't trust the white guy who runs the site to be accurate. What makes him an authority?

I mean, lots of things on that list are not exclusively white interests. Marijuana? Barack Obama? Japan? Asian girls?

And if Stuff White People Like is not exclusive to whites, then what's the point? Much more interesting to me are things that separate whites from other cultures. For example, when I saw the movie Undercover Brother, I found out that black people think mayonnaise is a disgusting thing white people use. I had no idea. That's funny, interesting, and accurate.