Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fully Infromed

The Huffington Post has a running article on the funniest protest signs of 2009, available here. My favorites are below:

Infromed: The state of being both inflamed and misinformed. Thank you Fox News, for fully infroming your viewers.

As a huge Arrested Development fan, I couldn't agree more. You'd think that all the socialism we currently live under would allow the president to bring back cancelled comedies. Obama should do something about that Earl show too.

Deuteronomy: the gift that keeps giving.


Anonymous said...

I like the look on the girl's face below the Deuteronomy sign.
Most of these protesters within this genre have no substance to their points of protest. They may as well be holding signs that say: "Why am I holding this sign". Cindy Sheehan had the most legitimate reason of protest that I have seen in my lifetime, yet she was tagged negatively for it.
The ridiculous Republican fools in the chamber holding signs when Joe Wilson shouted out; "you lie", were so pathetic. It's another new low for our country and it's sub-standard politics.

Delicious Cipher said...

There was a great political cartoon in the Ft. Wayne New-Sentinel Thursday. A liberal held a sign that showed Bush with a swastika and Hitler moustache. Standing next to him was a conservative holding a sign that showed Obama with a swastika and Hitler moustache. The liberal leans over to the conservative and says "Rasict!"

I think the point a lot of people miss is that so many of us absolutely refuse to walk a mile in the other guy's shoes.

Fingtree said...

Isn't the News Sentinel part of the Liberal media? How could they possibly see it from both sides?

The only point missed is how the Neo-Cons have single handedly used the military complex as a facade of corruption. You can trace back to the point in time that the media began to be ignorantly and blanketly labeled a; "liberal media", to the point of which the neo-cons were able to use the military complex as such. When the actor that played second fiddle to a monkey in a movie (Reagan) came down with Alzheimer's and H.W.Bush and friends unleashed their culture of corruption. Weapons and drug trade, wars for oil etc.. They also used the so called "liberal media" to cover up their deception. Rush Limbaugh began his well paid career around the same time. It was Rush and the gang that labeled the media a "liberal media". It's no different than Kellogg's brand cereal claiming that: "breakfast is the most important meal of the day".
Sometimes people can get so caught up in making sure that others are wrong that they to can miss the point and the facts.
The Neo-Cons are the difference. Even my Republican father in law has explained how Dick Cheney and friends have ruined the world's economics. He as a Republican has said: "Dick Cheney is the most evil man that has ever served in the White House". Now that's seeing it with an open mind and for what it is.

Fingtree said...

Without December 12th, 2000 happening, September 11th, 2001 would not have happened. That is one of the differences. Hence, a whole host of things would be different today.

Delicious Cipher said...

Without the light, we couldn't recognize the darkness. Without the darkness we couldn't recognize the light. And we all have both-- inside us, and around us. If we cannot recognize this, we can never live as one.

Fingtree said...

The Republicans spent over 100 million dollars to comb through the backgrounds of Bill and Hillary Clinton from cradle through their adult lives etc.. The only thing they were successful with this odious witch hunt was a blow job. They chose to bog down our Government and spend millions more on impeaching him for it. Imagine if Al Gore were President and implemented the outrageous deeds that Dick Cheney and the gang were able to do without consequence. It would be a completely different scenario. There is a difference. When one side is so hateful and over the top and has managed to infiltrate or dumb down so many with their propaganda (liberal media), it unfortunately forces others to have to stoop to that lowly snake belly in a tire track level too.
Imagine if then relatively unknown Senator Barack Obama had yelled; "you lie" in the chamber at George W Bush when he was selling the case for war like a used car. The Jesus loving (using) Christian white right and all of it's "liberal media" would have crucified him and he would never have had the chance to be President as he is today.
As much as it is only common sense that yes, both sides do the same thing, there is a difference.

Delicious Cipher said...

We are all Gods. We are all scum.

Fingtree said...

Muck Dogs through and thru