Monday, October 26, 2009

Al Franken on bankruptcy

Here's Al Franken, kicking some health care reform debate butt:


Robert Sievers said...

I am totally confused by this. Do these countries not have bankruptcy laws? If not, his line of questinging is irrelevent. If so, how can he possibly say that no bankrumptcies are caused by the heavy tax burden of the medical system?

Seems rather fishy to me.

Dan S said...

So taxes can now cause bankruptcy? And more bankruptcy than personal health care crises?

Where do you come up with stuff Bob?

Robert Sievers said...

I have know idea. We should just raise the tax rate to 100%. I am sure that wouldn't substantially change anything economically, and think of how much money could be raised for social justice issues.

Delicious Cipher said...

I think we should cap incomes at 3 million dollars for everyone. You can make whatever and pay at a flat rate. Anything over 3 million would go to taxes. If you can't live on 3 million a year, you are so far out of touch with reality, you should be pushed to the outside of the herd.

Txacoli said...

The tax burden is not heavy. They don't have medical company execs taking 1.75 BILLION dollars personally in compensation for denying care to poor people.
I am completely confused by folks who revere warriors who fought and died to keep our country free from political and military totalitarianism....and think that a basic right to simple health and well being is some awful plot.