Friday, October 23, 2009

Home Page for Articles

Writing Life Update: 

1. Regular readers have probably noticed a drop-off in both blog posting and Smile Politely columns lately.  I'm working on a longer-term project, which I don't want to say anything about until I get further along.  I do plan to keep my toe in the blogging world, or perhaps a knee or a thigh, but it won't be my focus for the next few months. However, I did enter a Washington Post Pundit contest, and if I make the cut for the next round, all that will change. 

2. I had another article accepted at Geez Magazine, about how Jesus might run a Bed and Breakfast.  Not sure of the publication date, but I'll link to it when it comes out.

3. I had a very nice rejection letter from The New Yorker.  Looking back, I'm not even sure why I submitted anything, since I am the secretary of the Science Club and The New Yorker is the Prom Queen. But the Prom Queen, or more likely, the 23-year-old intern-assistant of the Prom Queen, actually sent back a note, saying the article had "evident merit and humor."  Hurray for good rejections!

4. The extra Geez article has made me feel especially writerly, and inspired me to create a Dan Schreiber The Writer Home Page.  It includes selected highlights of things I've written, including articles in print magazines, Smile Politely columns and other things of which I'm either proud or not ashamed.  I plan to also put a few blog highlights there, but slogging through two and half years of blog entries seems daunting right now.  In any case, it will be a good place to archive stuff I want to show other people.


Tim said...

Hey, you have an oeuvre!

As a librarian, I love the bibliographical nature of the page. That's a nice tidy summary of all that you've accomplished in a short time. Congrats!

Jeff McLain said...

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John O'Neill said...

Hey Dan!

Wow, that's a pretty cool writer page. It suddenly sounds a lot better when you right it all down like that. I think I'll try the same thing with my job. "Here's a link to all the stuff that I did today!" I'm telling you, this is a compelling idea.

I liked the Big Tease in the first paragraph, too. You're working on a Big Writing Project. Will it come out under a fake name? (Um, Dan is your real name, right?)


John O'Neill said...

Ugh! Did I really type "when you right it all down like that" ?!

Look, this whole righting thing you're on has got me all flustered.

Delicious Cipher said...

i wAntd 2 b a riter to, ether ways---I WaS just too good fer that perFessIon;