Thursday, April 17, 2008

Michelle Obama for First Lady

Regardless of what happens in this election, can we all agree that we want Michelle Obama for First Lady? In fact, can we quickly amend the constitution so we can vote on this?

Stephen Colbert had fun with her last night:

Here's a great speech she gave in January in New Hampshire:

Anyone who knows the Obamas' stories knows that the elitism charges against them are laughable, and mostly leveled by white establishment types who are far more privileged and elite than they are. In fact, it may eventually work to Obama's favor, since he can use it as an opening to talk about his and his wife's upbringing, which is a very compelling narrative.


Crockhead said...

How about the first female president? I think she's as smart as her husband, without the arrogance.

Tim said...


Stephen Colbert asked her about this as a back-handed reference to Clinton. He said something like, "After your husband serves eight years as president, will you then run after him?"

Dan S said...

She will have had 8 years of experience by then, according to Hillary.