Wednesday, April 30, 2008

T-Shirt Theology

File under the category of T-Shirts that make me cringe:

The message seems to be:

“Don’t worry about the only known planet capable of supporting life in the universe. Worry instead about my medieval vision of you burning like a log if you don’t agree with me about the nature of God.”

I guess it worked, because it turns out that worldview does make me worried.

On a completely irrelevant tangent, "shirt" is one of those words that when I look at long enough and say enough times in a row, loses all its meaning. It's a strange collection of letters to denote something we put on our backs.

I must still be suffering from post-Ebertfestia. That would explain the lethargy, the despondence, and the random thought associations coupled with critical outburts.


LLS said...

This reminds me of the classic "God loves you, everybody else thinks you're an asshole" bumper sticker... Christian kitsch always makes me cringe.

brownie said...

They both make me laugh.

Lighten up guys...they're jokes.