Tuesday, April 08, 2008

SP Column

So, after all the great discussion about column names yesterday and today, my Smile Politely editor had already used The Loyal Opposition (I had mentioned to him I was thinking about that as a name, and he went ahead and used it for now).

I can change it of course. I like Minionite. That kind of says it all. I'll have to ruminate some more before deciding.

I am deeply honored at how many people have suggested identities for me. I'm even more impressed that there were almost no unfair jokes at my expense.

Anyway, the real reason for this post is that my column for this week is up: Horton Hears a Metaphor.


Jenna said...

Love the column!

Although I didn't really love Horton....the movie did have a lot of allusion and depth that was way over my kiddies' heads...but appreciated by me. The lynching scene was almost distrubing.

Anyways. I hadn't considered the drug aspect.

We did a staged reading of the book at Easter...then had a nice 'talk back' session about its meanings.

Tim said...

Although I'm pro-choice, I have to admit that the slogan, "A person's a person, no matter how small" is perfect for representing the pro-life movement. I know it wasn't the message Dr. Seuss had intended, but it sure seems to fit.

If I had never read the book and I saw a bumper sticker with that slogan, abortion is the only issue that would come to mind.

It just goes to show you how times change and familiar buzzwords from one era can take on completely different meanings in another. Like old novels where people "ejaculate" during a conversation or heterosexuals enjoy a "gay old time."