Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Obama Ads

My friend Kent just did a video (with his friend Brian) for MoveOn's "Obama in 30 seconds" ad contest. The song in the background is called "Our Culture," which Kent wrote a few years ago. He says:

The Mandala stands for all imported cultures to the United States, the Buffalo skull represents the first Nation's cultures. The message is from Barack Obama's speech on race March 8th, 2008.

So, pretend you live in Chicago and vote early and often for Kent.

I was browsing through some of the other ads. Most of them are just OK, but there were a few really good ones. Here's one of kid's playing politician:

Here's one about a guy who only knows how to use a hammer:

And more kids on the playground:


Fingtree said...

Thanx for the plug Dan. There sure are a lot of video's.

Robert Sievers said...

I just don't see how Obama can win. He's divisive, nobody knows what he stands for, and yet he will likely win the nomination because big states where his opponent is strong have have not had their votes counted.

Eric V. Kirk said...

Here's my favorite.

Dan S said...

That's a good one Eric. I just noticed that you can't vote for ones that you get to via URL, as they are trying to avoid people voting for their friends.

Bob, calling Obama divisive is like calling someone dirty after slinging mud all over them. It says a lot more about you than it does about him.

Robert Sievers said...


Obama is the most divisive candidate we have had in a long long time. I have had discussions with many people from far right to left of center and found this overriding theme. You can say this reflects poorly on them if you want, but I couldn't disagree more.

It's a shame the democrats aren't interested in counting everyone's votes.

Dan S said...

Bob, that’s simply a bunch of baloney.

Fingtree said...

Some things are so predictable:
Death (J.Falwell, C.Heston)
Tax's (Rebates)
The unwitting trifling opinions of the "Oh so right" views of 'Bob'.

Look, listen and learn; there is another world going on outside your skull Bob.

Robert Sievers said...

Yes, I believe that is why we are here. To share opinions and be open-minded to those who don't have the same worldview as we do.