Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Are you a Richard Jenkins fan?

I saw The Visitor a few weeks ago, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Richard Jenkins got an Oscar nomination for the lead role, and I knew I had seen him before in lots of movies, but couldn't quite place which ones. He's one of those perennial bit-part actors who shows up a lot here and there.

So, of course, I IMDBed him. Turns out I'd seen him only a week or so earlier when I watched Burn After Reading. Also, I guess I am a huge Richard Jenkins fan, since I've seen 25 movies he's been in. And, I've never even watched Six Feet Under, which he is apparently most famous for. If you've watched any smattering of movies over the last 30 years, you are probably a fan too. See here for all the movies you've seen him in.

Here's my list:

Burn After Reading
The Visitor
The Kingdom
Rumor Has It...
Fun with Dick and Jane
I Heart Huckabees
Cheaper by the Dozen
Intolerable Cruelty
Changing Lanes
The Man Who Wasn't There
One Night at McCool's
Say It Isn't So
Snow Falling on Cedars
Outside Providence
There's Something About Mary
Absolute Power
Flirting with Disaster
The Indian in the Cupboard
It Could Happen to You
Stealing Home
Little Nikita
The Witches of Eastwick
Hannah and Her Sisters

As I look over this list, I notice that he has been in a lot of crappy movies. Unfortunately, that also means I've seen a lot of crappy movies.


brownie said...

Love ya Dan, but frankly...
since O got elected, your blog is...well...a bit boring.

Are you really that happy?
Are things really that perfect in Amerika?

Ho hum.

Dan S said...

Yeah, what can I say? I agree. I've not had much fire for politics since O was elected. Plus, Smile Politely has been keeping me very busy (especially the editing).

But I'll take boring (Obama) over evil (Rove) any day.

brownie said...

Maybe I just miss the "righteously angry" Dan; as oppposed to the "politacally contented" Dan.

May you live in interesting times.

PG said...

Dan, you could get riled up over the wackos who are buying guns and freaking out about incipient socialism and having fainting spells over gay marriages taking root. Oh, and the fact that O is about to come up with an immigration policy, too.

Umm, on the other hand, why bother? Just sit back, be boring, and watch them stew in their juices until the old regime gets indicted for their torture and war crimes.

As for Richard Jenkins, I'm surprised how memorable he is in the movies he has done. He definitely has a gift and screen presence.

Someday you need to watch Six Feet Under.

Dan S said...

...or that congresswoman Bachman who said that Obama is going to force kids into re-education camps (because he wanted to encourage national service).

I guess its hard to get too upset as long as the crazies are not in power. Let them scream and howl. They can't change the fact that they've run the country into a deep pit.

Tim said...

Speaking of flailing Republicans, here's an article I think you will like, Dan: