Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ebertfest 2009 Coverage

Well, it's back to real life, as Ebertfest 11 has ended, the family needs attention, and everything that was put on hold "until after Ebertfest" is now back with a vengeance. Also, swine flu has apparently taken over the world.

For posterity, here are my entries at Smile Politely and The Unofficial Ebertfest blog:

Ebertfest Day 1: Groovy, man
Ebertfest Day 2
It’s a wrap: Ebertfest 11 summary
The message of Baraka
Ebertfest day, what day is it again? 4?

Splog posts:
Roger Ebert, Rod Lurie and Matt Dillon at the Virginia Theatre
Waiting in line at Ebertfest, Saturday edition
What really happens in Ebertfest lines
Ebertfest begins

And, here's the rest of Smile Politely's coverage, from our able team of on-the-spot reporters:

Escapism of the finest sort at Ebertfest
Ebertfest Day 5: Noncommittal filmmakers and one fan’s overview
Ebertfest Day 4: Vishnu and vampires and reporters, oh my!
Ebertfest Day 3: of poignancy, rumbles, and tattoo imposters
Rod Lurie chats with Chuck Koplinski
Exclusive interview with Karen Gehres’, director of Begging Naked
Two Ebertfest Q&A videos from Let the Right One In

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Anonymous said...

Yep, it was back to real life... after Ebertfest 2009. i blogged from Ebertfest myself. See ya next year.
Lynne Jordan