Thursday, February 14, 2008

Juno Review

I finally saw Juno, and wrote up a review on the EbertFest blog.

EbertFest is only 2 months away!


Rebecca said...

It's Diablo Cody, homeskillet.

And you didn't make the obligatory mention of her being a former stripper. (Cody, not Juno.)

But I'm glad you liked the movie.

Dan S said...

Doh! Thanks for the correction. 75% wrong is not good.

Tim said...

...even why she likes her dorky not-boyfriend

I thought she explained that in the climactic scene where she tells Bleeker that she loves him. She says [pause while I Google the line], "I think you are the coolest person I’ve ever met. And you don’t even have to try...Plus, you’re the only person who doesn’t stare at my stomach all the fucking time. You actually look at my face. And every time I look at you, the baby starts kicking me super hard."

What I get from that is that he's sincere and authentic-- he doesn't try to be anything he's not. (Although the cynical part of me thought that maybe the reason he didn't stare at her stomach was that it reminded him of his role in it.)

When I Googled the script, I found that there were a few lines from that scene that were cut that explain further why she liked him. Check it out:

Good review, BTW.

Dan S said...

Thanks for the link. I guess the reason I don't understand why she likes Bleeker is there is very little to like or dislike about him. The bit they cut out (from the script) where he sends her a postcard in Spanish is something they should have kept in, because it shows that he does indeed have a personality of some kind. More showing and less explaining would have made it better.

I did like how he crawled into bed with her in the hospital without saying anything. That whole sequence choked me up.

Jenna said...

Who can't fall in love with Michael Cera? I love that kid (Arrested Development, Super Bad?).

I liked Juno and am glad that one of the Best Picture noms wasn't such a downer (remember when musicals were nominated?). The writing was fantastic and Ellen Page's delivery of the lines was great.