Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lazy Wednesday Editorial

I've been seriously lax in my letter-to-the-editor writing the last few months. Many would say that is a good thing. Nonetheless, old habits die hard. Here is one I sent off this morning:

A recent News Gazette editorial complained that Dick Durbin is holding up the nomination of a deputy attorney general candidate until the Attorney General launches an investigation into torture by CIA officials.

I am disappointed that the News Gazette feels the need to express such righteous indignation over a government employee appointment, and yet remains silent on the broader issue of whether torture should be the policy of the United States of America. After all, Durbin is just using what leverage he has to insist that the laws of this nation be followed by its own law enforcement agency, something which the News Gazette apparently considers merely “political.”

This reminds me of a twist on an old joke. The editorial is like attending Ford’s Theatre on the night of Lincoln’s assassination, and then complaining afterward about the poor stage production and the unprofessional interruptions.

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brownie said...

...or the one about the 2 ladies in the bad restaurant. "the food here is terrible," said the first. "Yes," replied the second lady, "and the portions are so small."