Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Search Mania 4

I haven't put up search terms in awhile, so here goes. These are actual search terms people have used and clicked through to some page or other on this blog.

All I can say is that there continues to be a disturbing number of ways people reach this blog.

However, I am saddened to report that I have dropped to the number three spot for google search results for the phrase "mennonite porn." I am hoping this post moves me back into the number two spot, where I rightfully belong, just under the actual mennonite porn site.

My favorite this time around: ideological love weenie. Other than being the possible name of an alternative rock band, I can think of no other use for such a phrase.

Here they are:

do mennonites burn their dresses
mennonite department of peace
mennonite Lubbock
Mennonite juice
mennonite love sex
mennonites and sex
dead rodent inside wall stink
how long will a mouse smell
bumbling democrats
mennonite porn
mennonite murder
spelling motivation
nasty Mennonites
why mennonites stink
dead mouse can't find what to do
moral issues all about the indian dress
mennonite rituals and ceremonies
secret evidence champaign
are mennonites allowed to hunt
proud to be Mennonite
how long before a dead mouse stop stinking
mennonite national anthem
amish milkman murder
disability jokes
do christians think that charity makes people lazy
butt for a pillow
bowels stink
eric forman annoying
mennonite see the panties
mennonites treatment of animals
list of things mennonites cannot do
jesus teaching hell
corny the Mennonite
so misunderstood commercial
ideological love weenie
mennonite anti America
people against giving money to charity
when in doubt escalate a situation
4th circle of hell
are mennonites socialists
good peer pressure
idolatry of security - social security
mennonite hair
arguing with fundies
using mind control for mennonite religion
where does the free rice go to
nasty valantine quotes
lame valentines day quotes
using mind control for mennonite religion
mennonites and slavery in the usa
jumper cables hooked to niples tv commercial
funny mennonite videos
how long are mouse years
mennonite and coercion
charity a cheap substitute for social justice
better than crazy talk program
why conservatives are wrong
purgatory for the gluttonous


Rebecca said...

These search terms keep getting funnier. It's hard to believe that someone's actually typing these terms into search engines -- I mean, "ideological love weenie"? Really?

Though it would be a great name for a band.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

No, my favorite has to be:
mennonite see the panties

what a hoot. okay, computer geek, how do you find out this information? I want to try this out on my own blog.

by the way, Colombia? You are crazy.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

okay, okay I found your previous post that refs MVTracker... By the way, you're still number three for mennonite porn, but I have high hopes for you.

Dan S said...

It feels good to have someone believe in me, tonya. :)

I can be patient, though. Everytime I write 'mennonite porn', like I just did, it *has* to help a little.

The good news: I am now number one for... IDEOLOGICAL LOVE WEENIE!

Rebecca, I think your comment put me over the top. My brother now owes you an ideological love weenie. I'm not even sure what it is, but I'm certain that it would be inappropriate for me to give one to you.

Good thing Democrats are weenies, or I would never have achieved this honor.

Rebecca said...

Excellent. Happy I could help make you number one, Dan.

Plus you're helping me get some nookie from my hubby -- of the ideological weenie type, whatever that is. (Hey, sweet lovin' is sweet lovin'.)

What more could I ask for in a brother-in-law?

Fingtree said...

Dan, I could never put my finger on a label for you all of these years. "Idealogical love weenie" That's it! I love labels, they really work for everyone.
I personally like the; "4th circle of hell" & the "Amish milkman murder".
Do you suppose the they may be refering to the Olympics logo with the 4th circle of hell?

Jenna said...

I think if we work together we could get you that #1 porn spot. What do you all say!