Friday, May 02, 2008

The Faces of Colombia

When I was in Colombia, I took a lot of pictures of people. I always find pictures of people doing stuff or being themselves to be far more interesting than pictures of things, even if I have no idea who the people are.

I'm not a great photographer, but I tried to get a sense of the people I saw there. Some of the pictures below are people we met, but most are random Colombians. My camera has a studly zoom on it, so I was able to snap pictures from our mini-bus without most people feeling like I was stealing their souls.

Here are some kids at a park, who were actively campaigning to have their picture taken:

Cute Colombian girl:

Cute Colombian kids:

Our hostess Alba and our driver from church:

A boy working:

A scholarship family:

I assume a Dad and his disgruntled daughter:

The fearless girl to the right liked to ride her skateboard down a very steep hill. I was impressed with her bleeding hand, which you can just barely see. The boy with the skateboard wanted to impress me with a John Cena shirt he had on, but I had no idea who that was. I later learned he is a professional wrestler. Hurray for the export of American culture! Mostly, though, hurray for the enthusiasm of youth.

Some Colombians are fat and plastic and need rollers to move around:
A grizzled old man with a pink umbrella:

Another grizzled man. You might think he was scowling at me, but he wore that expression well before I took the picture:

A young grizzled man:

A young man lost in his thoughts:

A sweet young couple: A pensive young lady:
A woman selling flowers between cars:
Another couple:

An adorable little girl:
A future performance artist:
Time to go home:


Jim Hett said...

Beautiful photos! A Colombia that we all brought back to NA in our hearts
Jim Hett

PG said...

Thanks for the tour, Dan. Made me homesick though.