Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The General

I got linked yesterday from Jesus’ General, a sort of Colbertesque mix of religion, manliness and patriotism. Satire is hard to do well and often, and The General has a gift for it. I sent him the sad sitzpinkler preacher post from two weeks ago, and it was a good fit for what he does.

The general also supports Operation Yellow Elephant, which has for years encouraged everyone of draft age who ardently supports the war to enlist in the military. They don’t seem to be making much progress.

It was nice to get a few hundred extra visitors yesterday. I should have combed my hair, put on a tie and cleaned up the place, but they are gone already, so I guess why bother now.


Fingtree said...

The Operation Yellow Elephant is impressive. I have long believed that people like Robert Sievers, being blind supporters of this administrations war in Iraq, should back up there retoric with the ultimate sacrifice to go to Iraq and fight or re-build in the name of Allah or Jesus. I am so tired of their bull*^%&. If I believe in something and support it, I will do whatever it takes to help, not just talk about it on a stump. Here in Indiana, near Fort Wayne, we just had a soldier 48 years old die of wounds he suffered in Iraq from a roadside bomb 4 months ago. He was on his 3rd tour in Iraq. Being 48 years old, noone can use the excuse that their to old to serve or help the cause they believe in in Iraq, if in fact you do support it. Our National Guard have been wrongly used, to our detriment at home for this ridiculous occupation. What a travesty. Shame on the hipocrits that call others unpatiotic, while at the same time won't step up for what they believe in and sacrifice. Not unlike our President, who recently when asked; "How have you sacrificed for your war in Iraq"? His answer; "I gave up Golf". OUCH!

Dan S said...

As much as Bob and I differ in our basic approaches to life, he has a legitimate reason not to be in the military - he is legally blind. This may qualify him to be Secretary of Defense, or even President, but not a soldier.

Fingtree said...

Well that explains his blind loyalty to the Neo-Con's for Christ crusade :) How does he read your blog post's or are they in audio? Just kidding of course~ No disrespect to Bob

Nomi said...

I'm back!

I recommended your blog to a lovely assortment of language loving folk at a new ( <1 mo. old!) forum,

"Word Irreverence".

I hope some of your visitors found you that way.

Yes, I take helmet tips from the General very seriously.

Dan S said...

Thanks for the link nomi. I'll go check out word irreverence...