Tuesday, May 06, 2008


So, what happened to that weird post on Sitzsprinkling that was here yesterday, you might be wondering, in the highly unlikely case that you check this blog daily.

You know, the one where I claimed Sitzsprinkling was a German movement to encourage men to pee sitting down so as not to flaunt their male privilege of being able to do it standing up. At least that’s how it was explained to me by someone whose ancestry is German and who visits the Ukraine a lot, which is practically the same thing as consulting an encyclopedia.

Well, alerts readers thankfully jumped in and noted that 1) the term is Sitzpinkler, which had I been able to spell it, would have resulted in the internet telling me that 2) it is more of a sanitation movement than anything else. However, the term has become a political one lately, to mean a wimpy, wussy, henpecked man.

As the sole writer, editor, publisher, historian and legal counsel of Musings of a Minor Mennonite, I reserve the right to remove content here that offends me, and it definitely offends my sense of always wanting to be right to have gotten something so wrong. So, I just deleted the post. Obviously, this will have no effect on current readers, who already know how inaccurate I can be, but I hold out hope that I will be able to hide this a little better from future readers of this blog.

I suppose I could comment on the sad state of contemporary gender relations, where men who care about sanitation are deemed wimps, or that to be manly cannot be separated from spraying pee on the floor, but I’m too sitzpinkler on the whole topic at the moment to say much more.


Tim said...

I tried to investigate sitzsprinkling yesterday, but couldn't find anything about it. It didn't make sense to me, though, because I was sure that "sprinkling" was NOT a German word.

The error of your current post, although much less egregious than yesterday, is that you wouldn't be "too sitzpinkler to be...", you'd be "too much of a Sitzpinkler..." It's a noun, not an adjective.

Pinkler means "pee-er", or one who pees. (The verb is pinkeln, to pee.) Sitz is a prefix that means "sitting." So Sitzpinkler would be a "sitting pee-er."

More interesting to me would be a "Stehscheisser", which would be a standing shitter.

Dan S said...

That would make a great column title: "The Stehscheisser"

dw said...

Give me "P"