Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Search Mania 5

The search terms are piling up, so it's time for another Search Mania post. The list below contains search terms that random people have used in the last few months to reach this blog. For example, someone types in "don’t buy puppies from Mennonite" at Google, and a page from this blog pops up as a search result that they click on, presumably followed quickly by muttering and cursing that this isn't at all what they were looking for.

My favorites this time around are "better than crazy talk" (hey, that would make a great blog name) and "-1" which is probably a software bug in the web tracking tool, but it does make for a good quantification of the quality of this blog.

I've stopped even counting "Mennonite porn" searches. It remains a popular search term, but the joke is getting really old. Also, my pastor misunderstood what I was talking about the last time I did this, and thought I was encouraging people to download porn. What can I say - technology is hard to understand sometimes.

So, here they are. Enjoy.

not invented by myself syndrome
better than crazy talk
anonymous blog comment george clooney –password
silver unitards
mennonite rule guide
what is the building in chicago that the charachters are sliding down in adventures in babysitting
peer pressure is good
charity is selfish does not solve poverty
closeing statements about racial stereotypes
dear jack i want a man who know what love is
right eye strength material
do Mennonites drink
you sing some sappy song and you pray
armed guards service yoder
mennonites torture
money or love
anti mennonite t shirts
mennonite daylight savings time
people found in fourth circle of hell
white male smile
don’t buy puppies from Mennonite
do the receivers of charity hate the giver
terrorism is the new communism shirt
mennonite sex
dead mouse wall stink
dead mouse with black stuff
a panda walks into a cafe interpretation
chief illiniwek bronze statue
pictures of cute mennonite girls
juno quotes you don’t stare at my stomach
how do i find a dead mouse
she left me for jesus
what to wear in bogota in june
terribly nice Mennonite
organized charity just allows people who should be helping themselves to become lazy
mennonite cartoons
mennonite jew
do mennonites like sex
mennonites with cell phone
living conditions for the plantation owner
a list of mennonite stereotypes
black specks in bowel movement
song and she left me for jesus
what about mennonite porn
idolatry of security
mennonite usa teaching on hell
mennonite freedoms
menonite cheese
feed the poor saint communist
mennonites singing angry words song
how did the mennonites survive
antichrist: islam’s awaited messiah
obama Mennonite
what do i do about a dead mouse in my wall
dead Mennonite
corny the Mennonite
mennonite love
how much do sugar plantations cost
mennonite babies pictures of
god playing need
photos of men peeing
mennonite video game
mennonites are stupid
how do i find a stinking dead mouse
stuffed chief illiniwek doll
funny mennonite songs
medieval word for pee
mennonite rituals
mennonites and memorial day speeches
panda with gun
do you agree with terrorist using violence
sample rejection letter for freedom information
main causes of peer pressure in America
mennonite are people good or bad
having power and not using it


Nomi said...

Did I miss the sitzpinkeling searches?


The word is from Yiddish, not German ironically...

I still like this blog.

Nomi said...

oops...or as the Spanish say: "ups"

I've just read the "sitzdeletin" post.


dw said...

do mennonites like sex?

DeAnna said...

"you sing some sappy song and you pray"

I think that's a great blog title for someone. Pretty much sums up most of my experience with organized religion ;)

Dan S said...

Thanks nomi...

yea, dw, isn't that like asking whether Mennonites are biologically human?

deanna, you're right, that would make a great name for a blog. It's not completely my experience with religion, but it encompasses a lot of what annoys me about religion.

brownie said...

Maybe it was the "mennonite cheese" that caused the "black specks in the bowel movement"

Fingtree said...

Don't feed the poor saint communist Mennonite cheese~

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

always a hoot to see these. "medieval word for pee" - makes me wonder...

Matthew Osborne said...

I had to laugh at this one:
"a list of mennonite stereotypes"

That's actually what I'm looking for!

No seriously, I'm looking at it from a marketing standpoint: how does the world perceive us? How can we emphasize our strengths, and overcome any negative impressions people have?

Right now I'm still on the "how does the world perceive us" stage.