Monday, May 12, 2008

Post-Rapture Politics

I'm working on my Smile Politely column for tomorrow, which is about the rapture. I found a picture that won't make it into the column, but it's perfect for a quick blog post.

The electoral colleage after the rapture:

On a total side note, my wife was gone last week, along with one of my daughters. This may explain the preponderance of peeing related posts last week, as I spent a lot of time with my 9 year old son (my daughter who stayed home with us spent most of the week at musical rehearsal, and was unable to overcome the new balance of power in the house). I thought I showed a lot of restraint by not putting up farting preacher videos, but my wife doesn't think so.


lls said...

Any time I have to think about the rapture, I like to wander over to
... and read the weekly Left Behind analysis, which examines exactly how and why the Left Behind books are just so bad. It's a good release.

lls said...

Shoot, that didn't work. Try HTML cheat sheets, anyone?

Dan S said...

I've managed to avoid them all. I think I read the first page of the first one, and that was enough Left Behind for me...

The HTML for a link is:

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