Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm a Citizen!

Good news for my status as super-patriot. I barely passed the US citizenship test (85% correct), available here.

I had to guess which amendments to the Constitution did not address or guarantee voting rights. I guessed the 24th, but it was actually the 7th (curse that right to a fair trial for not being about voting rights!)

Also, I didn't know which INS form was used for naturalization (a trick question, in my opinion, since no true American really needs to know anything about naturalization).

Finally, I mistook the quiz as being about actual practice, rather than theory, and said that it is the president who declares war. After all, Congress has not declared war since WWII, and we've been in dozens of military escapades during that time. I guess civics demands that we continue to believe it is Congress' responsibility.

A test about US government practice would be quite different from one about theory. However, it would probably not be appropriate for schoolchildren or immigrants.


Tim said...

I'm surprised at the questions you got wrong. The 7th amendment would be part of the Bill of Rights, since that makes up the first ten (and was ratified along with the Constitution). Voting rights weren't addressed back then, since only white male landowners could vote.

And I'm *shocked* that you didn't know who could declare war. Where have you been the past five years, Mr. Anti-War? The way you rail against war, I would think you would be up on this kind of thing. I spend 1/10 the amount of time on politics as you do, and even I know who can declare war. Don't you remember when Congress authorized Bush to go into Iraq?

Jenna said...

I got an 85% too...I too did not which form I should fill out to become a citizen. I also said the pres declared war(but knew that Congress had to ok it)...but Bush lives under his own rules.

I surprisingly knew about the Constitution!

I remember quizzing my aunt when she went to take her test. She knew more than most of us.

Dan S said...

Hmmm. As I now re-read my post, I see that I didn't make it obvious enough that I was joking.

Of course I know that only Congress is allowed to declare war. I was just making the point that Congress doesn't declare war, and yet we continue to go to war.

equa yona(Big Bear) said...

"---not appropriate for children or immigrants."
That has certainly been the philosophy of virtuall all US history educators, at least a 'true' history.

And Tim, you ARE being ironic, yes?

Brian said...

I got a 95% on theory, and only that because stupid me forgot that the Constitution was approved after the Articles of Confederation failed so abjectly.

I'll chalk this mark towards citizenry up with my BA in Political Science :)

DeAnna said...

"a trick question, in my opinion, since no true American really needs to know anything about naturalization"

Just a friendly knit-pick about your choice of words...I assume you meant "natural-born American" or maybe "native-born American" as the implication that naturalized citizens aren't "true americans" might be considered un-gracious in some circles.

Dan S said...

Again, my attempts at ironic humor seem to have failed...

I meant "true" American in the right-wing, ridiculous way, not the actual true American way.

David Wright said...

I scored 100%, proving, of course, that I am a true American, in both the ironic and the other way, and that I have no real business being a Mennonite. Alas.


DeAnna said...

Aah, got it. When I re-read with sense of irony intact, it makes sense. Tone of voice is tricky in writing, no? :)

brownie said...

It looks like this blog has suddenly become more diverse. It now welcomes the "ironically impaired" And yes, I'm being ironic.