Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Washington Street Parade

My entry at Smile Politely this week is a nifty piece of ethnocentric, Champaign historic district exceptionalism that explains why our local Washington Street Parade is the best one in the entire world.


Fingtree said...

You sure have a warped sense of what a parade should be Dan. I'm not surprised.

Dan S said...

There's no doubt that's true. Nonetheless, if you had brought your banjo, you would have fit in very nicely with the band.

Fingtree said...

Yeah, the banjo would have added some nice flavor to the song: "When the Saints come Marching in".
The problem would be with the "exceptionalism"; Your ideological driven (Nationalistic) Neighborhood group may assert exceptionalism in order to exaggerate the appearance of difference to avoid recognition of similarities that would reduce perceived justifications of my presence to what is obviously not my HOOD, so to speak.