Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Plastic Bag Problem

If you've been forgetting to feel guilty lately about using plastic bags, here's a website that will help get you back on track:

There are a lot of words in the article, but it all boils down to this:


Jenna said...

I noticed that so many people bring their canvas bags with them to the library...but no one to the grocery store.

Eric said...

When Sonia and I shop at the grocery store, sometimes (if we remember to take them) we use our own canvas bags.

Thanks for sharing this article.

Anonymous said...

our family recently travelled to Prague. We were astounded at the Westernization. We shopped for groceries at a huge Tesco. We brought our own bags as we always do in the UK now. But none of the locals were bringing their own.And all the plastic bags were given out free. Very different then in Germany where even 10 years ago you had to pay for every bag. I did not talk to anyone about this, but I imagine that when it was communist that most people would have brought baskets etc. Now, it appears that they think that it is their right to do it the western way. I wonder how long it will take to move as far as the UK is.