Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hiroshima Day

I celebrated Hiroshima Day yesterday by going to the White Sox-Tigers game with Anthony's little league. The White Sox showed their disapproval of nuclear weapons by beating the Tigers 5-1.

When I got back, the various liberal peacenik email lists I belong to celebrated it by sending me depressing emails. However, True Majority at least sent a fun video:

I think I'll continue to celebrate it this year with a letter to my congressperson, plus an entire pint of Chubby Hubby.


brownie said...

Because I cannot control politics, and therefore feel powerless to do anthing about nukes, I'll focus on that which I can control, so...let's do the math.

1 bb's=15 ~20KT weapons.
6 bb's=enough to destroy All of Russia.

Wait a moment. Lets check that. 6 bb's = 6 x 15 bombs = 90 bombs of ~20 kt each.

That's enough to destroy Russia? I don't think so. Russia is a HUGE country. And it would take (conservatively) 10 to 15 bombs (or ~2-3 bb's) to destroy Moscow alone.

Six bb's for all of Russia is a gross misrepresentation of the truth to make his point sound bigger, more important and more profound.

Can't say that I really blame him for being a little fibbish though, because nuclear war, no matter how you do the math, still sucks the Strangelove.

Dan S said...

Maybe he's talking about fallout rather than actual physical destruction. The phsycial destruction of Hirosima was something like 3 miles, but the fallout was much larger.

Still, the ad would have been just as effective if he had dropped a hundred BBs for Russia, and 10,000 for our arsenal.