Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Joe Biden and 9/11

My Smile Politely column this week is a little about Joe Biden, and a lot about my 9/11 experience. Available here.


Robert Sievers said...


I enjoyed reading that article, especially remembering that morning hanging out with all of us there in the lunchroom. What gave me comfort that day was knowing that we were all stunned, not just me. Anyway, what is most amazing is that I was not the most conservative voice there, by far :-)

While I appreciate your positive view of Biden, I question the political sense of the choice. Biden gives no state, he doesn't appeal to Hillary voters, and he doesn't line up with Obama on issues. It just seems an odd selection to me.

Dan S said...

Hey Bob, I forgot you were there - I wasn't sure if that was during your absence. Yea, as conservative as you are, I don't remember you ever suggesting a nuclear option. It was good therapy to write all that down.

Obama didn't have great choices for VP. He needed foreign policy experience, which means a senator not a governor. He couldn't seriously consider Hillary. I was secretly hoping for Al Gore. But, Biden works.

Wolfman Jack said...