Friday, August 29, 2008

Home Run, Baby

Gore's comparison of Obama to Abe is a bit premature, but man, what a speech:

My friend Dave was disappointed that there were no references to Mennonites in Obama's speech. We'll see if the Republicans have anything to say on the subject next week.


brownie said...

If I may be candid... Blind partisanship does not become you. A more reasoned and analytical approach is what I've come to expect from you. Yet I seem to see you slipping into the same trap as the koolaid-drinking ditto heads (except for the left).

Am I being harsh? Probably.

Let's just call it tough love and move on.


Robert Sievers said...

It just seemed the worn out liberal stuff of old. Mean rich people not caring about your and my health care. Misrepresentations and giveaways, not much substance. I didn't see change, I saw politics as usual.

I was extremely underwhelmed.

Dan S said...

Hmm. Two conservatives didn't like the speech. Not too surprising :)

Yes, mean rich people not caring about health care is old news by now. I guess that's why we need change.

Robert Sievers said...

It is true Obama is a good speaker. In terms of presentation, I thought he did reasonably well, B+. He is certainly a much better orator than Al Gore or John Kerry.

Conservatives do have plans to deal with health care and education, and they will work. We aren't allowed to implement them or even discuss them without being vilified. Where these solutions are tried, you will find success. So in that sense, I agree we need change. It's just what kind of change that is the question.

On another note, I am excited we are finally going to have a woman as vice president. I will always admit when I am wrong. I thought I could never feel sorry for Hillary Clinton, and I was wrong, I do now.

PG said...

Sarah Palin. What a cynical, political, unvetted, only-met-McCain-once-before, Karl Rovian selection for veep.

The state of Alaska is 23 years younger than John McCain.


Fingtree said...

Sarah Palin is the current equivalent to Katherine Harris of Florida in 2000. A party pick, not John McCain's, to advance the same pestilent politics the Republican party has evolved into.
She is nothing more than a political whore, another mutable puppet that the mediocre minded voting block of the right will vote for blindly, legally blind or Kool-Aide drinking blind. I give it an overall C- Bob.

PG said...

And now we learn she has a pregnant, unmarried 17-year-old daughter.


Robert Sievers said...

Unreal is right. If it were Obama's kid, they would have chosen to kill it, and you'd be none the wiser.

Funny how a governor with an 80% approval rating stirs up such animosity. You guys really need to examine your heart. I have major major politcal disagreement with Obama, and I think he is divisive and unqualified, but if he gets elected, I sure hope not to be spewing the kind of sentiments I see here. z

PG said...

But Roberto, you said you felt sorry for Hillary. And, really, were you serious about Obama aborting his children? That's supposed to be spoken in kindness? Did you see his daughters and the loving connections in that family?

I feel sorry for Sarah and family. In a very short time, they're going to have to go through the hell of scrutiny that Obama's family has been enduring for almost two years now.

And I understand that Sarah was a strong advocate for funding for abstinence only education.

Seventeen is too young to "have" to get married.

Palin also supported taxing windfall profits on the oil companies.

I don't believe McCain knew all this stuff about Palin before he tagged her for veep. The Rovians put him up to it and I'll bet there's some major screaming and yelling going on right about now.

Not a good week for Republicans.


Dan S said...

Go away for a weekend, and the comments pile up...

Bob, conservatives have been in power for almost this entire millenia (hee hee). If they had ideas for dealing with health care, why didn't they do something about it?

Palin seems like a nice person, but let's face it, she was the mayor of Mahomet until 2 years ago, and is now the mayor of a state with fewer people than Indy has. It seems like an incredibly irresponsible choice.

Plus, underneath the nice person is a far right wing fundamentalist, and we've already had 8 years of that.

I will be incredibly depressed if this choice actually works.

brownie said...

A. I'm not a conservative.

B. I didn't hear the speech, so I can't say whether I liked it or not.

C. You missed my point. (Which is one of concern for you slipping into a politcal morass.)

Oh well. I tried.

Fingtree said...

"If it were Obama's kid, they would have chosen to kill it, and you'd be none the wiser". Follow that quote up with: "but if he gets elected, I sure hope not to be spewing the kind of sentiments I see here". The first quote is the most despicable, odious and bigoted assumptions I have read on this blog. You are none the wiser Robert, it's quite obvious, what a tool you are. Not unlike the Republican party's pick for Vice President. Not the sharpest tool in the shed as well.

PG said...

Hello? Are we being distracted by this Palin event? Palin is a major distraction (as Bob Herbert notes in today's times, while David Brooks gives us the Republican viewpoint as to why she was chosen). She's a distraction from the horrors of the previous administration and how terrible things have become. And people will flock to defend or debate her and forget all about those terrible things, and the Republicans will have won yet again.

Dan S said...

PG, I wouldn't worry about the distraction of Palin yet. If it burns bright at first, it will fade a lot faster. Plus, as we find out things about her, it is becoming a question of McCain's judgment in picking her.

Brownie, since you didn't watch the speech, your assumption is that I'm being partisan simply by linking to it, rather than reacting to whether it was a great speech or not.

Nonetheless, you are right, I am a supporter of Obama for this campaign cycle. I have no doubt he will dissapoint in hundreds of ways if he's elected, but a vote for McCain is a vote for war with Iran and a continuation of Bush's disastrous policies. That's something worth fighting for. Staying on the sideline in this election is like the old line that the perfect is the enemy of the good, or perhaps the friend of the corrupt.

brownie said...

If Obama loses Indiana by less than 1000 votes, I'll enthusiastically support whichever presidential candidate YOU believe is best for America for the rest of my life. (Or I'll buy you a pizza, whichever you prefer).

But I feel pretty safe I'll not have to do either. Indiana is a Repub state. My vote won't even come close to making a difference here.

If however, the prez was chosen by popular vote instead of the outdated, outmoded, sexist, racist, classist, electoral college...I might, repeat might just vote for...whoever.

Robert Sievers said...

Obama himself said that he would never "punish his children" by making them have a baby. I am not saying anything about Obama that he hasn't said. Besides which, I thought you all believed abortions are a legitmate choice. Did I make a mistake in assuming that?

PG said...

Really, Robert. It was an uncalled for slur and misconstruction. There was something similar in a letter in today's paper making the assumption that all Democrats love abortion. (Letter at

I'm not going to dignify the discussion by furthering it. But what about adoption? I know at least four liberal, Democrat-voting families who have raised adopted children, who are willing to accept a woman's right to choose, and yet actively promote life by their positive actions. (My wife and I have raised an adopted African-American son for the past 18 years.) If all the people who are so loudly and viciously anti-abortion would do something positive, like adopt unwanted children, they would be working for the good instead of just wreaking more misery on other people.

And what's more, why wasn't adoption an option for Palin's daughter? Why did she have to rush into marriage before she finished high school? That family seems much too complex to farm out the mother of the tribe to be VICE-PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!! Wacky.

Fingtree said...

Yes Robert, you are always justified, you have Beelzebub Satan on your side. You saved by grace boy you :-)

Robert Sievers said...

pg, Maybe the Palin's did consider adoption, who knows?

And you are right, people who are pro-life should walk the walk, and adopt children whenever possible. Here where I live, the entire foster care system is a group of evangelicals who have made that their mission in life.

fingrree, I have absolutely no idea what you are even trying to say.

PG said...

I have lost any respect I once had for McCain as a result of this decision.

Today's letters to the New York Times on the Palin situation say it all so eloquently. You really should read them.

And the Times' editorial, too.

Fingtree said...

"fingrree, I have absolutely no idea what you are even trying to say".
Of course you wouldn't Bob, you are a confused conservative, it really goes without saying, you have so much to learn in life. Unfortunately, the only way you will learn them is when they effect you personally and your eyes are opened to reality the hard way.