Friday, September 26, 2008

Campbell Brown on Sexism and Palin

In other news, did you see the beat down Campbell Brown applied to those being sexist towards Sarah Palin? Here's the video:


Frankly I have had it, and I know a lot of other women out there who are with me on this. I have had enough of the sexist treatment of Sarah Palin. It has to end.

She was in New York on Tuesday meeting with world leaders at the U.N. And what did the McCain campaign do?

They tried to ban reporters from covering those meetings. And they did ban reporters from asking Gov. Palin any questions.

Tonight I call on the McCain campaign to stop treating Sarah Palin like she is a delicate flower that will wilt at any moment," said Brown. "This woman is from Alaska for crying out loud. She is strong. She is tough. She is competent.

And you claim she is ready to be one heart beat away form the presidency. If that is the case, then end this chauvinistic treatment of her now. Allow her to show her stuff. Allow her to face down those pesky reporters. Let her have a real news conference with real questions.

By treating Sarah Palin different from the other candidates in this race, you are not showing her the respect she deserves. Free Sarah Palin. Free her from the chauvinistic chain you are binding her with. Sexism in this campaign must come to an end. Sarah Palin has just as much a right to be a real candidate in this race as the men do. So let her act like one.

Amen, sister.


brownie said...

Au contraire,

It's not sexism behind Palin's "Don't touch" treatment, it's just plain old incompetence, and we all know it.

Pastor Mike said...

I agree that she hasn’t spoken enough…but she has spoken; both in a friendly environment and hostile. The Obama campaign could learn something here: Keep your VP’s mouth shut. Especially if your VP is Biden.

Robert Sievers said...

Given the dplorable treatment the media has given her, and Republicans in general, I don't blame the McCain campaign. If I were the McCain team, I probably would refuse to any other inteviews with ABC altogether.

See for yourself

And tell me the media isn't biassed.

Dan S said...

Mike, she's only done 3 interviews, one of which was really an infomercial on Fox, and she was no where to be seen after the debate last night. They are definitely keeping her under wraps.

Bob, the media has done exactly what they would have done if Obama had chosen someone completely unknown - they vetted her. She is going to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. Don't you think the country deserves to know who she is and what she believes based on on actual evidence, rather than on tightly controlled speeches and Republican talking points? A lot of her claims are silly or have turned out to be false, but she keeps repeating them anyway (bridge to nowhere, foreign policy experience, etc).

Seriously, if Obama had nominated kathleen Sebelius, do you think it would be appropriate to keep her away from tough questions until the press "is properly deferential" to her? That's insulting to women.

A candidate for the presidency who can't handle tough questions from reporters is simply not qualified to be president.

Fingtree said...

I find it so funny how these Republican types justify every little thing for "their" candidates. If it were exposed that Sarah Palin had an abortion in her teenage years, they would still justify it, even though that's the main reason they are suckers for the party in the first place.

Pastor Mike said...

That’s hilarious Robert! Lets put your words up against history. Clinton and Monica? Robert Byrd and the KKK? Kennedy and the car ride? Who justifies what?

Tell you what, ask Trent Lott how the Rep.s justify missteps…or Mark Foley. An unfortunate truth is that the Republicans eat their wounded.

Robert Sievers said...

I'm still waiting for Obama to be vetted. I still can't tell you one of his accomplishments, know nothing about any of his campaign people, or have any clue what he did as a community organizer.

But I hear there are 30 reporters digging around the Chicago political machine looking for info. No wait, that was Alaska, digging on Palin. Nevermind.

Dan S said...

Come on Bob. You don't seriously believe Obama hasn't been vetted. When they try to tie him to Ayers and scour through every sermon ever given in his church, I'd say they are hitting the bottom of the barrel.

As for his accomplishments, he's a black man who just beat out one of the most heavily favored candidates in history (Hillary). If he runs the country like he's run this campaign, with intelligence, integrity and fortitude, there may yet be hope for this country after all.

Robert Sievers said...

Wow. A man who won his party's nomination. Is that an accomplishment any previous predidential candiates have had?

And for the record, Barak is not black, he is predominiately Arab. But you probably didn't know that, because the mainstream media hasn't actually looked into him.

Dan S said...

Your complaint that the media hasn't vetted Obama rests on him being Arab, not black?

That's pathetic, my friend.

Robert Sievers said...


Have you become so biassed that you can no longer distinguish an example from a logical argument?

While you and I have disagreed on practically everything, I was always interested in talking to you because you would carry yourself well in a conversation. Obama has promised to bring change, and I know he has done so for you.

Dan S said...

Let's back up.

You said the media has not vetted Obama. That's your argument.

The media narrative on Obama is that he is black, not Arab. That's your example.

Am I missing something? Are you saying my bias makes me unable to see this as a reasonable example to an argument?